Cheap (non-stop) flights from Portugal to Luanda, Angola from €310!

Cheap (non-stop) flights from Portugal to Luanda, Angola from €310!TAP Portugal has released another set of discounted flights from main airports in Portugal to Luanda. You can book cheap flights from Lisbon, Porto or Faro to Luanda in Angola available for €310 for a return ticket. All deals are for a roundtrip and inclusive of all taxes and fees, onboard meals and hand luggage. If you would need checked luggage you can purchase it for extra fee.…Deal is based on direct service from Lisbon to Luanda hence flights from other cities in Portugal are routed via Lisbon..



TAP Portugal offers the cheapest flights when traveling in October and November 2019. We have not managed to find further restrictions of this TAP Portugal promotion. Below you can refer to our booking samples. To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use Skyscanner tool. If interested please refer to our booking and most of travel date samples available at the lowest level below. You can compare all the cheapest flights at website of the airline.


Booking samples

Lisbon – Luanda from €310

Faro – Luanda from €322

Porto – Luanda from €324


Travel samples

9. – 21.10.

18. – 28.10.

25.10. – 4.11.

1.11. – 11.11.

8. – 16.11.

15. – 22.11.



For your trip to Luanda, and possibly further afield in Angola, book your accommodation over at or now for the best rates.


Booking sample of cheap (non-stop) flights from Portugal to Luanda, Angola from €310! As per our booking your outbound flight from Lisbon to Luanda would be on 1st of November. Inbound flight from Angola back to Portugal on 11th of November 2019.

Cheap (non-stop) flights from Portugal to Luanda, Angola from €310!

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