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Jan 01

Thailand – Return flights to Bangkok from Europe from €313 or £263!

Thailand - Return flights to Bangkok from Europe from €313 or Ł263!Second largest Russian flag carrier Transaero is still offering very attractive return flights to Bangkok when departing ex various airports in Europe such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Italy or Vienna. The chepest flights are available in limited travel options throughout whole 2015 including currently running main tourist season. Please refer to below booking samples and contact us via our facebook page if you would need an assistance as each origin has unique travel options..The cheapest flights to Bangkok are currently available already for €313! We are also adding another interesting samples based on Oman Air and Aeroflot when departing ex Germany.


Recently, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that Russian government will support Transaero with 9 billion rubles (approx USD 195 millions) which has begun to experience problems agains the backdrop of the current problems in the economy. (source and complete details to be found here). Althought the confirmed support we still recommend to pay the insurance against the bakrupcy. Check out the options with the booking agent you decided to use. Also in case of booking we recommend to pay by credit/debit card only. We are also adding another interesting samples based on Oman Air and Aeroflot when departing ex Germany.


As mentioned limited travel options are available throughout whole year 2015 and are based on the origin European airports. Once you reach Thailand you have full scope of possibilities where to accommodate. Bangkok is known as never-sleeping city offering almost any kind of service you demand, guesthouse rooms starts from few dollars per night up to luxurious hotel resorts. If you still need to book your hotel in advance you can compare some affordable accommodation here.


Booking samples

London – Bangkok from £263

Barcelona – Bangkok from €356

Vienna – Bangkok from €404

Rome – Bangkok from €322

Milan – Bangkok from €313

Berlin – Bangkok from €330


Munich – Bangkok for €444  (based on service of 4-star Oman air)

Frankfurt – Bangkok for €463  (within main tourist season 2014/2015 with quality airline Oman Air)

Brussels/Amsterdam – Bangkok from €455  (based on service of Aeroflot)


Alternatives –  Etihad Airways still allows to book some awesome deals to Asia. If you dont mind to book an open jaw ticket this could be an incredible solution to visit various countries in Asia during European winter. You may consider to visit Indonesia including Bali already for €335. How about open jaw flights to Sri lanka are available already for €308? Another options would be flights to South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos) from €334 or just to Bangkok from amazing €298! In our latest post we have posted great deal to Vietnam available already for €350.


Booking sample of a cheap flights to Bangkok, Thailand in main season from €313. In this case you would be departing from Milan to Asia on 4th of April and returning back from Bangkok to Italy on 12th of April 2015.  Thailand - Return flights to Bangkok from Europe from €313 or Ł263!