Tips for flying with a baby

Tips for flying with a baby

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We’re not sure which is more stressful: being the passenger who first realizes he will be seated next to someone else’s crying baby or being that baby’s parent. Fortunately for all involved, however, many young babies actually do travel well in flight, but its the opposite side who is actually fed up with being as their neighbour during the entire flight. Are you also interested in best tips on how to book cheap flights and air tickets? Then check out our next article elaborating best suggestions.

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Crying? What to do?

Babies of all ages do cry for various reasons, so in the space constraints of aircraft, try to be resourceful when trying to calm your crying child. As you do, take comfort in knowing that the drone of the engines usually limits how far a crying baby can be heard. Keeping your own cool can go a long way when you’re trying to soothe your baby and have to remain seated.

Check the usual suspects and respond accordingly: Is your baby hungry, wet or dirty, cold or warm, bored? If it’s bright, try closing the window shade; if your baby wants a view, show her the one outside the window or in the pages of the airline’s magazine.

If all else fails, try not to let a few dirty looks bother you and be assured that most people sympathize with the parents of a crying infant. After all, everyone was a baby once, many have had to try to quiet one in a public place at some time in their past, you’re unlikely to have to face any of these people ever again and, lastly, they’ll get over it.

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Get the right flight

Take a look at your baby’s schedule and see if you can plan your trip for your baby’s sleepiest time. That might mean taking the red-eye in the wee small hours of the morning but the payoff will be flying with a baby who – with any luck – will nap most of the trip. Especially when you become parent and your budget is not that high you will definitely appreciate when some super cheap error fare flight occurs from your homeland.

Try to avoid layovers unless you need to give a bigger sibling some time to get up and move. It’s hard on you (unpacking, unhooking, etc.) and it’s hard on the baby. Short layovers and infants do not mix – make sure you have time to get your stroller or carrier out of the gate check and on to your next gate.

The Ears Have It

Before we discuss ear pain on aeroplanes, let us first offer you the reassurance that a great many babies never show the slightest signs of discomfort. Until you know that your own child (and you) will be spared, the thought of a baby screaming because of ear pain is easily and understandably one of the most dreaded aspects of air travel. And from firsthand experience, we can tell you it tends to be all the more disconcerting when that baby happens to be your own.

Any of you who have flown before know that ears can be quite sensitive to changes in pressure. Switching to paediatrician-mode for a moment, this is because the outer ear is separated from the middle ear by a thin membrane called the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. Experiencing a difference in pressure across this membrane causes a sensation that as many as 1 in 3 passengers (children more so than adults) experience as temporary muffled hearing, discomfort, or even pain. Unfortunately, having a stuffy nose or a head cold can increase a child’s chances of ear problems. These are not only problems, check out what airlines wont tell you.

For an adult, chewing gum or yawning is often all that is needed for the middle-ear pressure to equilibrate return to normal and make plugged-up ears “pop.” Perhaps part of the reason that babies tend to complain more about their ears than adults is that chewing gum is simply not an option and we have yet to meet an infant who can yawn on command.

If your baby has a cold or ear infection, discuss with your paediatrician whether you should give him an infant pain reliever. Unfortunately, decongestants have not been proven to help, and in fact are not recommended for use in infants. For children with significant ear discomfort associated with a cold and/or ear infection, it may simply be best, if possible, to postpone flying. If your travel plans are not flexible enough to cancel because of a cold, just be aware of your increased odds of dealing with ear pain when you do hop aboard.

Out of Earshot

Aeroplane cabin noise levels can range anywhere from 60 to as high as 100 decibels and tend to be louder during takeoff. Using cotton balls or small earplugs may help to decrease the decibel level your baby is exposed to, and as a result, make it easier for her to sleep or relax. Many other problems might ease general tips for cheap air flights.

Sucking Away One’s Sorrows

Once onboard, it’s useful to know that there is a practical and realistic alternative to the traditional gum-chewing approach(which, for obvious reasons, is absolutely contraindicated at this age regardless of your level of desperation) that works very well for babies when it comes to relieving ear pressure. That alternative is sucking.


Paediatricians, flight attendants, and seasoned parents alike commonly suggest offering a bottle, breast, or pacifier during the times when the pressure changes in the cabin are likely to be greatest-during takeoff and initial descent. You’ll notice we said initial descent, not landing. That’s because the pressure change is typically most noticeable as much as a half-hour or more before landing, depending on a flight’s cruising altitude. The higher up you are, the earlier in the flight the descent usually starts.

 Don’t be shy about asking for help.

Flight attendants can help you get comfortable, bring you water to mix up a bottle, dispose of stinky diapers, grab an extra pacifier out of your bag in the overhead and even hold your baby so you can take a trip to the bathroom


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