Tired of classic holidays? Fly to Greenland from Europe €457 or £463!

Tired of classic holidays? Fly to Greenland from Europe for just €622!Are you up for some unusual holidays? How about to explore Greenland and its untouched nature so beautiful as it looks like it must be from another planet? How about to track whales or visit Eskimo settlements? All this even during its short summer (which would be probably only attractive travel date for most of the travellers) is possible with Air Iceland Connect and their partner Icelandair.. Tickets are the cheapest when departing from Scandinavia (Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki) also the United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Glasgow), Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich or Paris. You can now visit this incredible destination during summer holidays 2018 already for €457 or £463! (flights to Kangerlussuaq). Note that base fare does not included checked bag you would have to purchase extra..


If interested in this deal please look for flights from 20th of July to 31st of August 2018. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly check your connection availabilities.


Travel days: Both outbound and return flights on Monday or Friday.


Booking sample

London – Kangerlussuaq from £463

Birmingham – Kangerlussuaq from £465

Glasgow – Kangerlussuaq from £467


Oslo – Kangerlussuaq from €457

Stockholm – Kangerlussuaq from €460

Helsinki – Kangerlussuaq from €492

Hamburg – Kangerlussuaq from €543

Amsterdam – Kangerlussuaq from €595

Paris – Kangerlussuaq from €603

Zurich – Kangerlussuaq from €615

Brussels – Kangerlussuaq from €615


Booking sample of cheap roundtrip flights to Greenland from Europe €457 or £463. In this case you would be flying from Oslo to Kangerlussuaq on 17th of August. Your return flight from Greenland back to Europe would take place on 31st of August 2018.

Tired of classic holidays? Fly to Greenland from Europe €457 or £463!

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