Top 10 amazing facts about India!

India is a country with amazing variety of cultures, traditions, religion, languages, cuisine and history. But only once you visit this country you will realize why people are calling it an Incredible India. Almost anything is possible to do an find in this huge country and thats why we decided to write an another article, this time Top 10 amazing facts about India. If you belong to a low budget travellers still searching for exotic places still you might be also interested in another article, our list of top exotic destinations you can afford!

Top 10 amazing facts about India!

Top 10 Amazing Facts about India

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1. Oldest inhabited city in the world

The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is famous Varanasi. It has been called “The Ancient City” when Lord Burda came here and visited it approx 500 B.C. Varanasi is an important holy city of Hindu and Buddhists. Rumors say it was settled 5000 years ago at the west bank of the Ganges. However modern researchers think it was settled “only” 3000 years ago.


1. The largest, oldest continuous civilization

Yes correct, first thing of our top amazing facts about India might surprise you but India is World´s largest, oldest, continuous civilisation. Homonid activity in the Indian sub continent stretches back over 250000 years and therefore it is probably the oldest inhabited regions on the planet.


3.  Indus river

The name India came from Indus river (major river in Asia flowing through China, Pakistan and India). Originally this river was called Sindhu. In 2nd century AD the Greek Lucian wrote in first time the word “India”. And have you know that travelling with a baby does not protects you to visit even such an exotic places as India is?


4. English Speakers

India is second largest English speaking population in the World right after United States of America. It is estimated that over 125 milions of people speak English. (on the other hand it means that only 10% of Indias can speak English. Also, English is only one of 22 official languages in India! Due to that no-one cares about your accent here, the most important thing is to understand each other.


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5. An Island?

Yes thats correct! It sounds nearly unbelievable that this large country was an island once..(or more like an continent). About 100 million years ago most of what is India nowadays was an island. About 50 million years ago  the India continental plate collided with Asia. This in fact also created the Himalayas, the world´s largest but also youngest mountain range! Kangchenjunga is third highest mountaine in the world and liest partly in Nepal and partly in India.

Top 10 amazing facts about India!


6. Khari Baoli

Kari Baoli is World´s largest spice market located in the Old Delhi. Nowadays it is not just a wholesale market for locals but offtenly visited by tourists, however this spice market is over 400 years old. It is a must visit for any spice lover travelling to this part of India, there are so many kinds of spices you will believe only once you visit this amazing place.. No wonder that about 70% of all World´s spices come from India. Khari is surely a major sign of India and now wonder it ended on our list of Top 10 amazing facts about India!

7. Sentinelese People

The Sentinelese People is probably the most isolated society in the World. They inhabit North Sentinel Island which is part of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Only few facts are known about these people as they do not accept any way of contacts and mostly attack any intruders. It is estimated that the islands is inhabited by approx 50-500 Sentinelese people.


8. India has never invaded any country

In her last 100000 years of history India has never invieed any country. Althought people are now arguing it is not correct truth is that is this one of the most peaceful countries in the history of humankind.


9. Kumbh Mela Festival

To visit the largest fathering of people on Earth is, of course, possible only in India! Kumbh Mela Festival is a event that occurs approx every 3 years, it is estimated that in 2016 there will be over 30 million visitors! (It is also estimated that about 100 million people visited this festival in 2013). The festival itself is very ancient with oldest surviving reference to year 644 A.D.


10. Vegetarians

Roots of Vegetarianism is in general linked to people of ancient India. It is estimated that 70% of Worlds vegetarians live in India which also means there are more vegetarians than in any country of the World. This is our last entry of our Top 10 amazing facts about India.

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