Last-minute charter flights from the UK to Cape Verde from £200!

Last-minute charter flights from the UK to Cape Verde from £188!


If you are looking for some low-budget but exotic holidays this could be an interesting deal for you. Cape Verde archipelago can be found in the Atlantic Ocean west of the African coast. You may currently book very cheap last-minute flights from the main airports in the UK to Cape Verde for £200! Flying to this exotic destination is great at any time of the year. Even if it is out of the main tourist season at Cape Verde it is not cold there by any means. Even in winter the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees Celsius. Ocean temperature usually floats around a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius. But Cape Verde has much more to offer than classic beach destinations…


Every island of the Cape Verde archipelago boasts its own unique history and selection of landmarks. From sandy beaches, charming local villages, and numerous volcanoes to a different mix of cuisine and culture. Hence the art of “island-hopping” is a preferred choice of visitors. (traveling across multiple islands to experience all the differences each of the islands offers). Last but not least you may expect “off the season” prices for accommodation or any other service as well as no crowds at beaches…


Please bear in mind that 5kg hand luggage is included in the base fare only. If you need checked-in luggage you would have to add £44 for up to 15kgs checked-in luggage. Please refer to the below booking samples if interested in this deal.


Flying from: Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London Gatwick, Glasgow, Newcastle, East Midlands

Flying to: Sal, Boa Vista

Airline(s): TUI UK

Luggage: handbag

Travel period: April 2024

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples

Birmingham to Sal from £200

Manchester to Sal from £200

London to Sal from £200

Bristol to Sal from £200

East Midlands to Sal from £204

Newcastle to Sal from £208

Glasgow to Sal from £211


Birmingham to Boa Vista from £230

Manchester to Boa Vista from £279

London to Boa Vista from £289


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Booking sample of cheap flights from the UK to Cape Verde for £200! In this case, you would be departing from Birmingham to Sal on the 26th of April and returning from Cape Verde back to the UK on the 3rd of May 2024.

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