Turkish Airlines – return flights from Europe to Mongolia from €516!

Turkish Airlines - return flights from Europe to Mongolia from €516!With recent promotional deal of Turkish Airlines (similar to our previous deal to Japan from €393) you may also consider to visit not a classic tourist destination, Mongolia. This time the cheapest flights are available already for €516 when departing from Paris. An alternative you may consider is to fly from Brussels, Italy or book open jaw flights when returning back to London.




Mongolia, not yet hit by casual tourism will welcome you with its legendary hospitality, amazing landscape, mysterious ruins and buddhist temples. Stargazing in Gobi desert is an ultimate experience of tranquility and piece most of the “Western” countries have nearly forgotten… Mongolia is second largest landlocked country in the world but with population about 2,9mio its also the least densely populated country in the world. About 45% of Mongolian population lives in capital city Ulaanbaatar.


If interested in this promotional deal with Turkish Airlines please look for flights in travel period till 26th of June 2015. Valid for bookings made till 28th of February 2015. If you need to book your accommodation in Mongolia you may compare hotel rooms offered by various leading booking sites through this tool.


Booking samples

Paris – Ulan Bator from €519


Brussels – Ulan Bator from €551

Milan/Rome – Ulan Bator from €533


Paris – Ulan Bator – London for €540 (Ł407)

London – Ulan Bator for Ł478


Flights have layover in Istanbul and short stop in Bishkek on both outbound and return flights to/from Asia. Turkish Airlines allows to book stop-over there for slightly higher fare. All the European cities are weill collected by many low-cost carrier. The easiest way how to compare your connection flights is thorugh Skyscanner.


Booking sample of cheap return flights to Mongolia from Europe for €516. In this case you would be departing from Paris to Ulan Bator on 10th of May. Return flight from Mongolia back to Europe would take place on 23rd of May 2015.

Turkish Airlines - return flights from Europe to Mongolia from €516!



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