Full-service Etihad multi-city flights from Lisbon to Jakarta, Sydney & Abu Dhabi for €859!

Full-service Etihad flights from Paris to Sydney, Australia for €997.


There is an ultimate solution from Europe to Australia with Etihad during their newest promotion. With this suggestion, you may have a side trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates too! Full-service multi-city return tickets to Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, and Sydney at once are available for €859. This is even possible to book directly with the airline! The base fare includes taxes, fees, meals, handbags, and checked-in luggage. Below you can find our booking sample directly with Etihad as it is the cheapest option in this very specific case…If you struggle in building an itinerary for yourself you can reach us at info(at)flynous.com and we will try to find something for you but be quick with this one the cheapest seats will be surely gone soon!


Flying from: Lisbon

Flying to: Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Sydney

Airline(s): Etihad Airways

Luggage: 1x23kg bag

Outbound travel dates: September to November 2024

Max stay: 4 months

Book by: Book ASAP


Booking sample

Lisbon to Jakarta to Sydney to Abu Dhabi for €859


Booking sample of Etihad flights from Portugal to Australia from €859! Outbound from Lisbon to Jakarta on the 10th of October then to Sydney on the 18th of October. Inbound from Australia to Abu Dhabi on the 4th of November and finally returning from the United Arab Emirates to Europe on the 10th of November 2024.

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