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Full-service flights from France to Lomé, Togo for €357!

Cheap full-service flights from many cities in France to Nairobi, Kenya from €324 return!

Cheap full-service flights from Vienna to Johannesburg, South Africa for €332 return!

Etihad flights from Manchester, UK to Dhaka, Bangladesh for £375 return!

Qatar Airways high season flights from Milan to Zanzibar, Tanzania for €414!

Etihad return flights from London / Manchester to Dubai for £268!

Cheap Etihad return flights from Vienna to tropical Seychelles for €422!

Full-service return flights from Vienna to Uganda for €396!

Qatar Airways full-service flights from Budapest to tropical Zanzibar for €465!

Full-service Etihad flights from Dublin to Johannesburg, South Africa for €377!

Turkish Airlines flights from Barcelona to Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) from €428!

Full-service Qatar Airways flights from Zagreb to Nairobi, Kenya for €376!

5* Singapore Airlines return flights from Amsterdam to Phuket, Thailand for €366!

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Bali with Turkish Airlines from €441!

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