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Full-service return flights from Vienna to Indonesia: Jakarta for €480 or Bali for €513 (+ open-jaw tickets available)

Full-service return flights from Dublin to Singapore for €375!

Return flights from Ireland to Lagos, Nigeria for €379!

Etihad flights from Germany to tropical Seychelles for €456!

Full-service flights from Frankfurt to Mauritius with Air France for €499!

Return flights from Paris to Antananarivo, Madagascar for €491!

Full-service return flights from Brussels to tropical Zanzibar for €379!

HOT! 4* Etihad flights from Italy to tropical Seychelles from €368!

Cheap Etihad flights from London to Nairobi, Kenya for £309!

Return flights from Paris to Nairobi, Kenya with 4* Etihad Airways for €355!

Etihad flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Bali, Indonesia for €447!

Full-service ETIHAD return flights from Rome to Dubai, UAE for €253!

Etihad full-service flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Singapore for €376 return!

Cheap full-service flights from Vienna to South Africa from €361 return!

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