Open-jaw flights definition

Open-jaw flights definition and meaningIn our next article we would like to describe what is the meaning of open-jaw flights and what could be actual advantages. Firstly, open jaw ticket is recommended to a bit more experienced travellers. Reason is you have to move between each of the airports by other transport that is usually arranged on your own…But its up to everyone´s decision to book such a flight as open-jaw ticket is amazing way how to see more during your travelling..




Open-jaw flights definition

Booking an open-jaw flight means that you will purchase roundtrip ticket in which your return flight will be from different airport than you arrived to and/or you will return back to different airport than aiport of departure on your outbound flight. It gets its name from the diagram of this itinerary drawn on a paper which looks like an open jaw. In case of your inbound flight is departing from as well as arriving to different aiport this is called double open-jaw.

For instance you may consider following booking possibilities of a flights from UK to Thailand:

London – Bangkok – London   –  standard roundtrip flight

London – Bangkok with return back from Phuket to London – an open-jaw ticket

London – Bangkok and return back from Bangkok to Paris – again an open jaw flight

London – Bangkok with an inbound flight from Phuket to Paris – double open-jaw flight


Definition of an open jaw flights is sometimes close to multi city flights. This term is however rather used for a flights with three and more flight legs making an round booking. (flights forming an closed loop)

Advantages of an open-jaw flights

There is various reasons why to consider to book an open-jaw flight, lets list some of the most important ones:

Price – Booking of such an multi city connection usually results in lower price since the airlines are promoting such a flights with hope they will attract more customers on that route or just simply they donate certain leg. This is usually caused of high competition either at origin or destination airport. This simply means that you may sometimes book much cheaper open-jaw flights compared with classic roundtrip flights. Also, in many cases, booking an open-jaw flight is much cheaper than purchasing two single air tickets.


Much more freedom! – Yes, by booking certain open-jaw flights you may feel much more free during your traveling. You are not bound to do an circle trip and you may discover much more amazing places during your journey. Your precious travel time is in the end the most important thing you have to manage during your dream budget exotic holidays!


higher chance of finding an error-fare deal – because of an open-jaw flight is much more complicated in terms of airline booking system complexity. Therefore there is also higher chance you will find an error fare flight deal than in case of classic round trip flight.


The disadvantages of an open-jaw booking could be actually oposites of its advantages. Price for the flight might sometimes looks amazing but  you have to also consider additional costs for a transport between the airports. You would have to also possibly book an hotel accomodation because there is higher risk you will not catch your flight if your schedule is too tight. Some travelers are simply looking for “easy-going” holidays rather than to sometimes spend endless hours on the roads. (and, crossing my heart, in many cases in very bad conditions to the ones we know here in Europe).


Open-jaw flight is definitely an interesting option but must be considered by each one whether its their kind of traveling or not. If you belongs to the ones traveling on a budget you will might be also interested in our next article best travel tips how to book cheap flights and air tickets.


Where to find an open jaw flights?

One of the best tools how to look up open jaw flights on internet by yourself is Matrix Airfare Search. Due to latest enchancements we also recommend Google Flights. Even though you cannot book the flights through this engine it quickly gives you an enormous combination on your search. You can then use powerfull tools such as Skyscanner is. This is also one of the most powerful tools of travel blogs posting daily tips for the cheapest flights. (such as our web


If you have ended up on our site you probably belongs to those looking for the best way how to save some money and travel on your own rather than to let others to arrange everything. In such case you may also consider our next article focusing ongeneral tips for a cheap air tickets. We post plenty of opportunities to save in the air. but there are still some easy steps to save great money when on the ground. Check our latest post about airlines offering free hotel (in transit) during layover!


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