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Qatar Airways high season flights from Italy to Zanzibar, Tanzania for €400!

Cheap return flights from Brussels to Cape Verde from €181!

Cheap return flights from Italy to Mahé, Seychelles from €457!

Lufthansa direct flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Zanzibar or Mombasa from €396!

Return flights from London to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for £353!

Full-service return flights from Dublin to Nairobi, Kenya for €387!

Cheap return flights from France to Johannesburg with Lufthansa/Swiss from €321!

Full-service return flights from Germany to Togo for €404!

Return flights from London to Cotonou, Benin for £336!

Cheap flights from Europe to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from €260 or £253 return!

Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from Italy, the UK, Amsterdam or France to Africa, Asia or South America from £668 or €778! (Min. 2 pax)

Cheap flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €362 return!

Full-service flights from Vienna to Kenya (Mombasa or Nairobi) for €366!

Return flights from the UK to Bujumbura, Burundi for £332!

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