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Full-service Air France flights from Italy to Burkina Faso for €330!

Return flights from the UK to Seattle with SkyTeam from £317!

Fly to Guayaquil, Ecuador from Italy from €385 roundtrip!

Non-stop Air France flights from Paris to New Delhi, India for €392!

High-season flights from Budapest to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €481!

Fly from France to Johannesburg with Air France-KLM from €366 return! (Non-stop from Paris for €429)

Air France promo code 2022 – €75 discount on all flights!

Cheap Italy to Colombia flights from €393 return! Many departure & destination airports!

Air France-KLM flights from Italy to Lima, Peru from €381 return!

Return Air France flights from Italy to Lagos, Nigeria from €375!

Full-service Air France flights from Italy to Antananarivo, Madagascar from €458!

Air France flights from Spain to the Maldives for €429!

Cheap return flights from Spain to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands for just €282!

Full-service deal from Dublin to Moroni, Comoros for €506!

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