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5* Singapore Airlines non-stop flights from Milan to Singapore for €482…

Turkish Airlines flights from Barcelona to Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) from €428!

Swiss/Singapore Airlines flights from the UK to Bali from £419!

Lufthansa group airlines flights to Bangkok, Thailand from France from €325!

5* Singapore Airlines return flights from Amsterdam to Phuket, Thailand for €366!

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Bali with Turkish Airlines from €441!

Cheap flights from Brussels or Luxembourg to Bali from €449!

Cheap return flights from Oslo to Bangkok, Thailand from €308!

5* Singapore Airlines flights from Milan to Bangkok, Thailand for €369! (With a Singapore stop-over for €410)

5* Singapore Airlines full-service deal from Zurich to Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket) for €418!

5* Singapore Airlines return flights from Germany to Bangkok, Thailand for €372!

Qatar Airways return flights from Sofia to Phuket, Thailand for €416!

Air France-KLM cheap flights from France to Singapore from €334!

Return flights from Geneva, Switzerland to Singapore for €357!

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