Sep 18

British Airways promo sale from Europe to Kenya €291, Mauritius €359, Singapore €375 etc..!

British Airways promo sale e.g. London - California £359! (non-stop flight)*see UPDATE below* British Airways, founding member of Oneworld alliance and the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, with its main hub at London Heathrow Airport, is running their new promo sale in 2017. This time we have selected for you some interesting deals from Benelux (Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam), Italy, Germany, France or Switzerland to various destinations in Africa such as Kenya (Nairobi) or Mauritius also to Asia – Singapore or China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong). British Airways, founded in 1974 (by merging 4 airlines), serves over 160 Worldwide destinations and is one of few airlines offering its service to all six permanently inhabited continents. This latest British Airways promo sale 2017 is running till 14th of September 2017.



*UPDATE*  -Adding some amazing deals from Spain to Kenya already for €291, tropical Mauritius from €359 or Singapore €375! Look for flights from Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga..


Travel period of this British Airways special promotion is valid between 24th of September and 30th of November 2017 then 9th of January and 27th of March 2018. Based on the first international sector. Travel dates of this BA promotion vary by each origin and destination. Simply follow here to BA website and compare the cheapest option then book with your preferred booking agent or directly with British Airways. To check full list of promotional deals from each of origin cities or to read full conditions of this British Airways promotion please follow below link leading directly to the website of the carrier..


Booking samples

Complete list of disocunted flights and holiday packages from the UK here

London – Muscat from £254

London – Abu Dhabi from £283

London – Boston from £285

London – Oakland, California from £342

London – Hong Kong from £397

London – New Delhi from £364

London – Peru from £426


List of discounted deals from Spain here

Spain – Kenya from €291

Spain – Mauritius from €359

Spain – Beijing from €360

Spain – Shanghai from €365

Spain – Singapore from €375

Spain – Hong Kong from €390

Spain – Seoul from €398


List of discounted flights from Germany / Switzerland here

Germany – Kenya from €389

Germany – Johannesburg from €391

Germany – Singapore from €435

Germany – Mauritius from €538

Switzerland – Kenya from €355

Switzerland – Johannesburg from €385

Switzerland – Singapore from €392

Switzerland – Mauritius from €498



List of discounted deals from Benelux here

Amsterdam – Kenya from €351

Amsterdam – Singapore from €386

Amsterdam – Johannesburg from €387

Amsterdam – Bangkok from €402  (May – June)

Amsterdam – Mauritius from €496


Luxembourg – New York from €322 

Luxembourg – Kenya from €345

Luxembourg – Singapore from €375

Luxembourg – Johannesburg from €381

Luxembourg – Shanghai from €365

Luxembourg – Hong Kong from €394

Luxembourg – Mauritius from €496  


Brussels – Kenya from €363

Brussels – Shanghai from €376

Brussels – Singapore from €389

Brussels – Johannesburg from €398

Brussels – Hong Kong from €408

Brussels – Bangkok from €414

Brussels – Mauritius from €516



List of discounted deals from Italy here

Italy – New York from €331

Italy – Kenya from €343

Italy – Johannesburg from €374

Italy – Beijing from €374

Italy – Shanghai from €374

Italy – Singapore from €379

Italy – Hong Kong from €392

Venice – Mauritius from €476



List of discounted deals from France here

Paris – Kenya from €377

Paris – Singapore from €410

Paris – Johannesburg from €411

Paris – Mauritius from €523


You you also have a look on general BA promo deals from London: Check the lowest fare calendar here.


Booking sample based on British Airways promo sale from Europe to Kenya €291, Mauritius €359, Singapore €375 etc..! In this case you would fly from Barcelona to tropical Mauritius on 15th of January. You would return from Asia back to Europe (via London, UK) on 30th of January 2018.

British Airways promo sale from Europe to Kenya €291, Mauritius €359, Singapore €375 etc..!