Sep 25

Cheap last minute flights from Brussels to Cuba from €430!

Cheap last minute flights from Brussels to Cuba from €350! Another interesting deal based on current promotional offer of Jetairfly ex Belgium are cheap last-minute flights to Varadero, amazing beach side in Cuba. If you are looking for some escape to beautiful Caribbean out of main tourist season you may now consider to book very cheap return flights already for €400 (+€30 fee per booking, 20kg checked in luggage included in the fare). To book your flight for such a fare please look for flights to Varadero from Brussels. 



Only one travel option is available at this lowest fare so you better hurry up with booking if you consider this offer. For a bit higher fare there are just few another travel dates of your  flight to Cuba available mainly within October 2015. To check all deals to Cuba please refer to below booking sample.


Accommodation – To check some affordable accommodation in Cuba you may consider hotel booking agents.Such as Hotels.com (currently offering 10% discount code) or Hotelopia (6% promo code).


Booking sample

Brussels – Cuba (Varadero) for €400  (+€30 booking fee)


Brussels – Dominican Republic from €266  (+€30 booking fee)

Brussels – Jamaica for €300  (+€30 booking fee)



If you are flexible enough you may visit amazing exotic Cuba for this incredible fare. Please also note these are travel dates out of main tourist season in this part of Caribbean. Check weather conditions before  you book your trip. (it is very hot and humid in June in Cuba also its rainy season, expect short tropical downpours).


Booking sample of cheap last minute flights from Brussels to Cuba from €430!. In this case you would be flying from Belgium to Varadero on 2nd of October. Your return flight from Caribbean back to Europe would take place on 9th of October 2015.

Cheap last minute flights from Brussels to Cuba from €430!