Apr 26

Cheap non-stop flights to Canada (St. John´s) from Dublin €226!

Cheap non-stop flights to Canada (St. John´s) from Dublin €195!For very limited travel options you may consider to book cheap non-stop flights to St. John´s in Canada. (Newfoundland and Labrador). The the cheapest solution are return tickets when leaving from Dublin. Round trip flights based on service of Canadian airline WestJet are available already for just €226! Another suggestion are open jaw ticket with return back to UK (London, Glasgow). This is great solution not just for nature lovers from Ireland or UK planning to explore unspoiled landscape of this amazing country. If interested you should not delay with booking, basically only few travel options are available for this great fare!



Take the opportunity to visit this part of Canada at the end of a summer for such a reasonable fare. Please refer to the booking samples below if interested in this deal. To book the cheapest flights to Canada look for limited travel options mainly in May 2017. Note that only hand luggage is included in base fare.


Booking samples

Dublin – St. John´s from €226



Travel date samples from Dublin

7. – 15.5.

8. – 22.5.

11. – 23.5.

13. – 28.5.


As Dublin is HQ of Ryanair this is also great solution for travelers from most of the European countries. Check your connection possibilities to Dublin form your home town directly with the airline or through Skyscanner. London as a major European hub is connected by many low cost airlines as well..


Booking sample of cheap non-stop flights to Canada (St. John´s) from Dublin €226! In this case you would be flying from Dublin to St. John on 8th of May and returning from Canada back to Ireland on 23rd of May 2017.

Cheap non-stop flights to Canada (St. John´s) from Dublin €226!