Mar 14

Return flights from Europe to remote Bolivia from €608!

Return flights from Europe to remote Bolivia from €608!

Flying on a budget from Europe to remote but incredible South American country Bolivia is possible with American Airlines. Return flights from various European cities to Santa Cruz or La Paz are now availale from €608. You can also book open-jaw flights which is great way to travel destination country without needing to return back to city of your arrival.  Look for flights departing from Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, Milan or Munich..





If interested in this American Airlines sale look for flights departing to Bolivia till end of June. Promotion is running till 14th of March or until sold out.. Note that flights are routed via US ground. You will need to arrange US visa or ESTA Certification prior departure. Booking is also possible directly with American Airlines where you can compare travel dates. Some of the flights require more layovers in your way for same price so beware the routing you choose.


Booking samples

Amsterdam – Bolivia from €608

Barcelona – Bolivia from €610

Madrid  – Bolivia from €621  (Or fly non-stop with Boliviana de Aviancion from €661!)

Dublin – Bolivia from €624

Paris – Bolivia from €646

Milan – Bolivia from €647

Munich – Bolivia from €690


As this deal is an attractive solution not just for travelers within those European cities we recommend to check your connection possibilities through service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which airlines are available from your home city. To book your accommodation in South America you can use Booking.com.


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to remote Bolivia from €608! In this case you would book return flights from Spain to this South American country on 6th of May. You would be eturning back to Europe on 30th of May 2017.

Return flights from Europe to remote Bolivia from €608!