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Round trip tickets from Brussels to New Delhi for €337!

Round trip tickets from Brussels to New Delhi for €337!

Air India together with their partner Air France are offering very interesting solution for travellers of Benelux to India. Round trip flights from Brussels Midi Railway Station to New Delhi are now available for €337. (Or even slightly cheaper but with longer layover in Paris on your outbound flight). First leg Brussels – Paris is operated by train. This is also great option to end your trip in Paris when returning from India. However you still can not skip first leg of your outbound flight and you need to start at Brussel´s railway station..



This solution with Air India is valid for tickets purchased in travel period from 21st of February till beginning of July 2017 then also in Septemb er and October. Max stay 12 months.


Booking sample

Brussels – New Delhi for €337


Travel date samples

26.2. – 13.3.

13. – 26.3.

14. – 26.4.

23.4. – 6.5.

13.5. – 2.6.

3. – 15.7.

10. – 25.9.

8. – 22.10.


India is very cheap holiday destination compared to most of European countries. For example you may get from New Delhi´s airport to Main Bazaar street considered as tourist centre for approx 300-350 INR(5-6$). Hotel rooms are also very cheap compared to most of European countries and you should have no problem to get one once you arrive there. If you still want to book your hotel in advance consider to use  Booking.com. Also check out following promo codes that offer Hotelopia or Venere.


Booking sample of cheap round trip tickets from Brussels to New Delhi for €337! In this case you would fly from Brussels to India on 22nd of January 2017. Your return flight from New Delhi to Belgium would be on 4th of February 2017.

Round trip tickets from Brussels to New Delhi for €337!