Return flights from Germany to remote Réunion for €469!

Return flights from Germany to remote Réunion for €537!


Reasonably priced flights to remote Réunion with Air France are available when traveling from one of the below-mentioned main airports in Germany. The cheapest return flights to Saint-Denis with one layover in Paris (that may require airport change – see our note below) are available for €469. This is excluding checked luggage in base fare that is available for an extra fee otherwise prices shown are for a roundtrip ticket and include all airport taxes and fees, onboard meals and handbags.


Flying from: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hannover

Flying to: Saint-Denis

Airline(s): Air France

Luggage: handbag

Travel period: January to May 2022

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 30th of November


Before you book.: This deal may require airport change in Paris (Charges de Gaulle to Orly). You can benefit from free transfer service via “La Bus Direct” which Air France conveniently offers to their customers traveling on a flight to/from Réunion. Note you will need to claim your luggage before changing airports.


Booking samples

Germany to Réunion from €493  (booking with Air France)

Hamburg to Réunion from €469

Berlin to Réunion from €469

Dusseldorf to Réunion from €479

Stuttgart to Réunion from €481

Munich to Réunion from €487

Nuremberg to Réunion from €496

Frankfurt to Réunion from €505

Hannover to Réunion from €507


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Germany to remote Réunion for €469! In this case, you would be departing from Hamburg to Saint-Denis on the 6th of May. Your return flights from Réunion back to Europe take place on the 17th of May 2022.

Return flights from Germany to remote Réunion for €469!

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