Cheap flights from Switzerland to Cancún or Mexico City from €281!

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Mexico City from €330!


Another good deal with Oneworld airlines from Europe to Mexico these days! Today we would like to share with you this great deal from the main airports in Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, Basel) and visit Mexico City or Cancun! You can either book classic return flights or if you have enough time you can consider an open-jaw ticket. This is a great option to travel the country from West to East all the way without the need of returning back to the city of arrival. Discount is based on the promotion of British Airways and Iberia with a layover in London or Madrid. The cheapest option to Cancun may require an additional stop on the way but you can also find flights with one stop on the way. Return or open-jaw flights are available from €281! Fare is inclusive of all taxes, meals, and handbags as well as checked luggage. You can then book this deal directly with British Airways or your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Flying from: Basel, Geneva, Zurich

Flying to: Cancún, Mexico City

Airline(s): Iberia, British Airways

Luggage: handbag

Travel period: January to June 2021

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples

Basel – Cancun from €286

Geneva – Cancun from €283

Zurich – Cancun from €281


Geneva – Mexico City from €331

Zurich – Mexico City from €332

Basel – Mexico City from €353


Booking sample of an open-jaw ticket: Switzerland – Mexico City & Cancun – Switzerland from €338



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Booking sample of cheap flights from Switzerland to Cancún or Mexico City from €281! Your outbound date from Zurich to Cancún would be on the 14th of May. Inbound flight from this North American country back to Europe on the 25th of May 2021.

Cheap flights from Switzerland to Cancún or Mexico City from €281!

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