Cheap last-minute flights from Germany (Frankfurt) to exotic Mauritius €435!

If you are looking for some reasonable solution to exotic destinations you may consider booking charter flights from Germany to legendary Mauritius. Direct flights from Frankfurt are now available for €435. This is for a round trip and flight based on the service of Lufthansa/Eurowings is including all taxes as well as meals and handbags. Checked luggage (20kg) is available for an extra fee. At this moment limited travel options are available at the lowest fare but still you better hurry up with the booking if this is a deal you like…

The cheapest travel options are available when departing from Germany to Mauritius in February 2023. If interested in this attractive deal to tropical Mauritius, nestled between the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, please refer to below booking samples.:


Booking sample

Frankfurt to Mauritius from €435


If you have to be a bit flexible as this is a kind of last-minute deal. Although Mauritius sounds like a luxurious destination you can easily find some affordable accommodation once there. Want to book your hotel in advance we recommend or


Booking sample of cheap direct flights from Germany to exotic Mauritius €435! In this case, you would fly from Frankfurt to Mauritius on the 3rd of February. You would then return back from tropical Mauritius in the Indian Ocean back to Europe on the 20th of February 2023.

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