Cheap flights to countries of Central America from Brussels from €349!

Cheap flights to countries of Central America from Brussels from €349!*see UPDATE below* Star Alliance airlines (United Airlines and Lufthansa) have released special promo offer encouraging European travellers to visit countries of Central America. Roundtrip flights are available from €349 when departing from Brussels. You have the opportunity to visit most of the countries of Central America such as Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua or Honduras (including Roatán). Note that flights are routed via US, do not forget to arrange US visa / ESTA certification prior departure.. In most of the cases you would have to accept long layover in Houston.



*UPDATE*.: Adding one more solution from Lux to Nicaragua or Roatán already for €357. Some of the flights may require long layover in Canada on your way also as per our booking sample. Round trip flights from Brussels are now starting at €349!


The cheapest flights with United Airlines / Lufthansa to Central America are available when departing till 30th of June 2017. Since the travel dates vary to each of the destinations please let us know via our FB page if you would need to look up some solution.. You may oven book an open-jaw flights and travel not just one country within this region. (i.e. arrive to Belize and return back from Guatemala). Remember that in case of United Airlines flights are routed via US airports you would need to issue ESTA certification in any case.


Booking samples

Benelux – Panama from €295


Luxembourg – Nicaragua from €366

Luxembourg – Honduras (Roatán) from €357


Brussels – Costa Rica from €345

Brussels – Nicaragua from €349

Brussels – Guatemala from €381

Brussels – Belize from €387

Brussels – Honduras (San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa) from €370

Brussels – Honduras (Caribbean isle Roatán) from €376


Various low-cost airlines are connecting Brussels with other European airports. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost carrier is offering the most competitive fare. To book your accommodation in Central America you may use or consider following promo codes offred by Hotels.comHotelopia or Venere.


Booking sample of cheap flights to countries of Central America from Brussels from €349.. In this case you would be departing from Belgium to Nicaragua on 29th of January 2017. Your return flight would be then from Central America back to Europe on 11th of February 2017.

Cheap flights to countries of Central America from Brussels from €349!


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