Cheap full service flights to Beijing & East China from €311/£306 from UK, Italy, France & Ireland!

Cheap full service flights to Beijing & East China from €311/£306 from UK, Italy, France & Ireland!

There are some great deals available for cheap flights out to Beijing and other cities on the east coast of China right now. These are in addition to the direct Air China flights from Nice and UK to Beijing flights we’ve shared. We’ve seen flights originating all over Europe, mainly with China Southern but SkyTeam and Star Alliance airlines also offer options. Flights from Europe depart from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nice, Lyon, Rome and Dublin. London and some other cities also fly out to Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Nanning and Tianjin. Check the booking samples we have listed for more details.

As with most flights to China, baggage is also included in your fare. Availability is high over many dates in 2019 and 2020 so if you’re interested you will have a lot of date options for your trip. All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, hand luggage, and checked luggage.


China Southern promotion conditions

The cheapest fares with China Southern for flights between Europe and China can be found from August 2019 all the way up to July 2020. Blackout dates over the Christmas period. You are allowed 1 checked bag in the hold. Fare class is N. The China Southern deals are marked as available until 1st September or until sold out. If your chosen flights are with a different airline be sure to check the conditions of travel to ensure your baggage allowance and fare class.


How to book

We recommend you first compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights (Guide). The tool gives you an almost instant result and you can easily browse through all the months. You can then book this deal directly with the airline specified although the lowest prices were found through booking agents recommended from Skyscanner. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Booking samples

Flights to Beijing from:


Birmingham for £302 (30.12 – 15.01.2020)

London for £306 (01.11 – 17.11)

Manchester for £344 (07.11 – 20.11)

Glasgow for £327 (30.11 – 15.12)

Edinburgh for £352 (14.11 – 29.11)


Nice for €311 (22.09 – 04.10) with Xiamen Air

Lyon for €315 (31.12 – 14.01.2020) with Xiamen Air


Dublin for €360 (08.11 – 22.11) with Star Alliance


London to East China

Hangzhou for £317 (28.09 – 11.10)

Xiamen for £337 (19.09 – 04.10)

Nanning for £323 (26.09 – 09.10)*

Tianjin for £315 (04.10 – 17.10)*

Fuzhou for £324 (26.09 – 09.10)*

Other options

Rome to Wenzhou for €316 (28.11 – 11.12)

Rome to Shanghai for €316 (14.11 – 29.11)

Manchester to Fuzhou for £344 (30.12 – 13.01.2020) with Xiamen Air*


Other dates are available! Make use of the Date Grid and Price Graph on Google Flights to find the cheapest dates for you! Make sure to use the filter slider for the price to stop the higher cost flights from showing.

Options marked with a * indicate a long layover or multiple layovers.



Chinas massive capital city is unsurprisingly filled with a rich history for you to explore in your time there. The longest Wonder of the World, the Great Wall of China is accessible from Beijing. Although you could look to walk the 21,000km of the wall if you wanted to, you would miss out on the other Beijing attractions! There is the Forbidden City, the palace from historical dynasties. The Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven are other options for exploring the past also.


Although it’s a lot more recent, the Beijing Olympic Park, the venue of the 2008 summer Olympics is another place to see with its iconic “Birds Nest” stadium. Art galleries can be found in the 798 Art Zone if you’d prefer, or the Houhai Lake (Back Lake) scenic area if a bit of nature is what you’re after. Whatever you want to do in Beijing, find the best accommodation for you over at or


Booking sample of cheap flights from Birmingham to Beijing from £302! As per our booking your outbound flight from Birmingham to Beijing would be on the 30th of December 2019 returning on the 15th of January 2020.

Cheap full service flights to Beijing & East China from €311/£306 from UK, Italy, France & Ireland!

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