Cheap flights from Athens to Asia already for €256 or Australia €379!

Cheap flights from Athens to Asia already for €318 or Australia €435!One more solution from Europe to various destinations in Asia as well as Australia based on low-cost long-haul carrier FlyScoot. (Singapore Airlines family). Apart of our deals from Berlin we have some great option for travelers in Greece or those of you who can easily reach Athens. At this moment you can book very cheap non-stop flights to Singapore already for €277 and even slightly cheaper flights to Langkawi or Krabi. But there are many more discounted routes available with below Scoot promo code. Book super cheap flights to amazing destinations in Asia such as Borneo, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Vietnam, Bali etc..We have also selected some attractive solution for you to Australia. Return flights to Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne from €379 return. Remember this is a low budget solution from Europe to Asia or Australia. We target this deal to our readers that are looking for the cheapest flights available. Fare shown are for a round trip incl. all taxes. Any additional service (in-flgiht meals, checked-in luggage etc.) is available for extra cost.



FlyScoot offer the cheapest flights when traveling from April to June or second half of August to November 2019.. Blackout period around Christmas Holidays. This is indeed an interesting option for many travelers in Europe. If you can easily reach Athens do not miss this Scoot special promotion now offering greatly discounted flights to selected cities in Asia or Australia. Remember this is a low-cost solution thought and you would have to be modest. But if you can travel only with hand luggage this is awesome solution to visit some of the most famous and exotic destinations in Asia as well as Australia.


You can compare your connecting possibilities to Athens from your hometown using Skyscanner tool. Need an accommodation in Asia or Australia we recommend or Our deals are based on direct booking with Scoot where you can easily compare all available travel dates.


Booking samples  –  Travel date i.e. 4. – 17.5.2019. Use promo code “IWILLFLY”. Discount grants 25% off base fare available on selected routes for departures from 1st of April 2019 to 28th of March 2020)

Athens – Singapore from €277  (Non-stop flight)

Athens – Langkawi from €257

Athens – Krabi from €261

Athens – Kuala Lumpu from €286

Athens – Kuching, Borneo from €287 (11. – 22.5.)

Athens – Bangkok from €298

Athens – Ho Chi Minh City from €298

Athens – Bali from €315  


Athens – Perth from €379

Athens – Gold Coast from €389

Athens – Melbourne from €423

Athens – Sydney from €424


Booking sample of cheap flights from Athens to Asia already for €256 or Australia €379! You would depart from Greece to Langkawi, Malaysia on 4th of May. Inbound flight from South East Asia to Europe on 17th of May 2019. Note that this is a price for very cheap round trip non-stop flight on board of low-cost long haul carrier FlyScoot.

Cheap flights from Athens to Asia already for €256 or Australia €379!

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