Cheap flights from Milan or Rome to Colombo, Sri Lanka from €353 return!

Cheap flights from Milan to Colombo, Sri Lanka from €365 return!Cheap flights from Italy to Colombo, Sri Lanka from €353 return! Find the lowest priced deals Italy Sri Lanka and book your next cheap flights from Milan to Colombo based on promotion of Kenya Airways! ood thing about Sri Lanka is that its “round the year” destination there is always a good time to visit at least some part of the country. If you are budget travelers in Italy looking for the cheapest flights to Sri Lanka also during next main tourist season 2019/2020 do not miss this sale. Based on discount of Kuwait Airways you can book return flights from Milan to Colombo with one layover in Kuwait. Fare is including all taxes, onboard meals and checked-in bag. Looking for a bargain deal to Sri Lanka next main tourist season do not miss this Kuwait Airways promotion and book cheap flights from Milan to Colombo, the largest city of incredible Sri Lanka.



Kuwait Airways promo sale offers the cheapest flights from Milan or Rome to Colombo in October and November 2019. Some good deals also in September 2019 or January to March 2020. Blackout period around Christmas Holidays. (Outbound flight). At this moment good availability next winter which is perfect time to visit Sri Lanka. Max stay 3 months. You can book cheapest flights Milan Sri Lanka by 30th of August 2019. Below you can refer to our booking as well as few travel samples.


Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is in Southern Asia. It is an island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India. Colombo is the largest city and the financial and commercial capital of Sri Lanka. If you have booked these cheap flighs from Milan to Sri lanka you can read more about this beautiful country at Wikitravel.


Travel dates.: Compare the cheapest flights Milan or Rome-Colombo at website of the carrier.


Booking sample

Milan – Colombo, Sri Lanka from €353

Rome – Colombo, Sri Lanka from €365


Travel samples

Milan – Sri Lanka – Milan

5. – 19.9.

7. – 23.9.

14. – 30.9.

21.9. – 3.10.

28.9. – 10.10.

5. – 19.10.

12. – 26.10.

17. – 31.10.

19.11. – 2.12.

26.11. – 10.12.

31.11. – 14.12.


Rome – Sri Lanka – Rome

8. – 17.9.

15. – 24.9.

17.9. – 1.10.

22.9. – 8.10.

29.9. – 14.10.

6. – 22.10.

13. – 29.10.

20.10. – 5.11.


Best time to travel to Sri Lanka is between the main rainy seasons. The period from November to April is the driest season on the south west coast and up in the hills. Here, some of the best beaches and many other places of tourist interest are located. Therefore, period between November and April is the best time to visit this region and this period is also considered as tourist season in Srilanka. May to September is the best time to visit east coast, as it is dry during this period. Need affordable hotel in Colombo book your accommodation via or


Booking sample of cheap flights from Milan to Colombo, Sri Lanka from €353 return! Your outbound date from Italy to Sri Lanka would be on 28th of September. Inbound flight from this Southern Asian country back to Milan on 10th of September 2019. Take advantage of this latest promotion from Italy to Sri Lanka and book the cheapest flights from Milan to Colombo!

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