Cheap flights to Bulgaria from £18/€20 return! Fly to coastal Varna on the Black Sea! (late Aug to Dec 2020)

Cheap flights to Bulgaria from £17/€19 return! Fly to coastal Varna on the Black Sea!We have another deal that travellers across Europe can benefit from with these prices with low-cost carrier WIZZ Air. Cheap flights can be had to Varna, Bulgaria from many cities in Europe for just €19.98 or £17.98 return! You can fly to this coastal resort on the Black Sea from Liverpool, London, Prague, Eindhoven, Vienna, Milan, Copenhagen or many cities in Germany! This price is for WIZZ Discount Club members using a Basic fare. Non-members can fly for only €29.98 or £25.98 with their Basic fare and even for €19.98 from Vienna. Bulgarian citizens can make use of flights from Varna to these cities across Europe also if desired. Availability varies by origin airport but there are plenty of options throughout winter. This price is inclusive of all taxes, fees, and one item of under-seat carry on luggage. Overhead and checked luggage is available for an additional fee.


Fare class is Basic. The cheapest price is available when booking with the WIZZ Discount Club which you can join from €39.99 for a year’s membership for one traveler (plus one person). The membership is not required for bookings although you will pay slightly more for your flights. Full details of the WIZZ Discount Club benefits can be found here. There are no details on the end of this deal so if you are interested in flying to Bulgaria, we advise booking as soon as possible.


Flying from: Liverpool, London, Vienna, Salzburg, Eindhoven, Brussels, Prague, Athens, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Memmingen, Nuremberg, Dortmund

Flying to: Varna

Airline(s): WizzAir

Luggage: Small cabin bag

Travel period: late August to December 2020

Book by: Unknown

You can book your hotel in Bulgaria through at or


Booking sample

Booking samples of cheap flights to Varna from:

Liverpool for £18 with membership/£26 without

London Luton for £28 with membership/£46 without

Vienna for €20 with or without membership

Salzburg for €20 with membership/€30 without

Eindhoven for €20 with membership/€30 without

Brussels for €20 with or without

Prague for €20 with or without

Athens for €20 with or without

Milan for €20 with membership/€30 without

Barcelona for €20 with membership/€30 without

Berlin for €20 with membership/€30 without

Hanover for €20 with membership/€30 without

Memmingen for €20 with membership/€30 without

Karlsruhe for €20 with membership/€30 without

Frankfurt for €20 with membership/€30 without

Hamburg for €20 with membership/€30 without

Nuremberg for €20 with membership/€30 without

Dortmund for €23 with membership/€38 without

Cologne for €23 with membership/€38 without


Other dates are available but these are the cheapest options we have seen. Availability varies greatly by departure city!


Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to Varna from £17.98! As per our booking, your outbound flight from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Varna would be on the 04th of September returning from Bulgaria to England on the 8th of October 2020.

Cheap flights to Bulgaria from £18/€20 return! Fly to coastal Varna on the Black Sea!

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