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Cheap non-stop flights from Madrid to Johannesburg from €310! (From other Spanish cities from €299)

Cheap non-stop flights from Madrid to Johannesburg from €439!Flexible travelers in Spain will surely appreciate this solution based on their national airlines Iberia. (Members of Oneworld alliance). If you can depart in March 2019 you can book discounted non-stop flights from Madrid to Johannesburg already for €310. This is for a roundtrip ticket incl. all taxes and fees and onboard meals. (But excluding checked bag). Moreover you can fly from other Spanish citids alreayd for €299..Look for flights departing from Bilbao, Basrcelona, Vigo, Valencia, Malaga etc..



Iberia  promotion conditions

If interested in this solution with Iberia  you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Spain to Johannesburg from 2nd of May to 13th of June 2019. Min stay 7 days. Max stay 12 months. No stopover available. No checked bag in base fare. Fare class “O“. Iberia promo sale is running till 11th of April or until sold out..


How to book

We recommend you firstly compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights (Guide). The tool gives you almost instant result and you can easily browse throughout all the months. You can then book this deal directly with Iberia or your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Booking sample

Madrid – Johannesburg from €314  (Directly with Iberia)

Madrid – Johannesburg from €310  (Non-stop flight)

Bilbao – Johannesburg from €299

Barcelona – Johannesburg from €308

Vigo – Johannesburg from €317

Valencia – Johannesburg from €318

Malaga – Johannesburg from €322


Travel samples

2. – 19.5.

7. – 22.5.

11. – 26.5.

14. – 29.5.

23.5. – 7.6.

25.5. – 9.6.

8. – 23.6.

13. – 28.6.



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Booking sample of Cheap non-stop flights from Madrid to Johannesburg from €310! As per our booking sample your outbound flight from Spain to Republic of South Africa would be on 11th of May. Inbound flight from this African country back to Madrid on 26th of May 2019.

Cheap non-stop flights from Madrid to Johannesburg from €310!