Return flights from Europe to Saint Helena from £634 / €743!

Return flights from Europe to Saint Helena from £634 / €743!Planning a jorney to famous Saint Helena, British overseas territory in South Atlantic and one of the most remoted places on the Earth is possible  with 5* Qatar Airways and their partner South African Airways. The cheapest option from Europe to Saint Helena would be an open-jaw tickets available already for £634 / €743! Classic return flights from various European cities to Jamestown from £761 (€893). Fare is including all taxes, onboard meals and checked-in luggage. South African fly on route Johannesburg – Walvis Bay – St. Helena once a week (Saturday). This option will require long layovers on your you would have to accept if you want to visit this remote destination..Look for flights departing from Prague (the cheapest option if you want to book open-jaw flight) and returning to Paris. You can also book classic return ticket from many European cities. Main airports in the UK, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Paris, Dublin,VIenna, Budapest. Scandinavia, Balkan countries..,



Qatar Airways promotion conditions

If interested in this solution with Qatar Airways you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Europe to Saint Helena from May to June or September to 30th of November 2019. Min stay 6 days. Max stay 1 month. One free stopover in DOH or JNB available. Base fare includes 30kg bag in hold. Fare class (EU-DOH / DOH-JNB) is “N or W / Q“. Qatar Airways promo sale is running till 31st of March or until sold out..


How to book

Look for flights departing from Europe to Jamestown airport on Thursday or Friday returning from Saint Helena back to Europe on Saturday.


Opne-jaw ticket

Prague – Saint Helena – Paris from €743 (£634 )


Roundtrip tickets

UK – St. Helena from £761

Italy – St. Helena from €924

Paris – St. Helena from €946

Dublin – St. Helena from €970

Budapest – St. Helena from €997

Zagreb – St. Helena from €1010

Prague – St. Helena from €1012

Oslo – St. Helena from €1013

Copenhagen – St. Helena from €1018

Brussels – St. Helena from €1020

Amsterdam – St. Helena from €1029

Munich / Frankfurt / Berlin – St. Lucia from €1029

Sofia – St. Helena from €1044

Stockholm – St. Helena from €1052

Vienna – St. Helena from €1075



You can book your accommodation inJamestown, Saint Helena via Also you can further discount your hotel when using one of following promo codes.

Amoma 10% promo code

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Saint Helena Island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the world’s most isolated islands, and it is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled from 1815 until his death in 1821. If you start crossing the Atlantic Ocean at the border between Namibia and Angola, Saint Helena Island will appear just less than half way to Brazil. It is the most populous of the United Kingdom’s territories in the South Atlantic. If you have booked these cheap flights from Europe to Saint Helena you can read more about this remote island at Wikitravel.


Booking sample of Qatar Airways promotion together with South African Airways. Return flights from Europe to Saint Helena from £634 / €743! In this case you would fly from Prague to Jamestown on 15th of November. Your return flight from this remote island in South Atlantic back to Paris would be on Saturday, 30th of November 2019.

Roundtrip flights from Europe to Saint Helena from £634 / €743!

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