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Dec 05

China Southern Airlines promotion – London / Rome to many destinations in South East Asia £296/€345 or Australia / New Zealand £459/€576!

China Southern Airlines promotion - Amsterdam to Borneo €431, London to Bangkok or Vietnam £313, Penang £341!SkyTeam member China Southern Ailrines have released an interesting promotional sale in 2018. This airline, founded in 1982 and with it´s main hubs in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. Airline is offering service to over 193 destinations and is also world´s sixth-largest carrier. (Measured by passangers carried). At this moment you may consider to book discounted flights from Rome to various destinations such as Philippines (Manila), Thailand (Bangkok). Vietnam (Hanoi, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, phu Quoc), Singapore. Malaysia (Borneo) or Cambodia (Phnom Penh). Round trip flights are starting from £296 or €345. You can also book very cheap flights to Christchurch and  Auckland in New Zealand from £487 or €576 or Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) from £459 or €602.This is already including all charges and fees and 23kg checked bag.



This current China Southern Airlines promotion is running in travel period from 23rd of April to 20th of June 2019. Based on latest date of your inbound flight from Australasia back to Europe. Max stay 3 months. Valid for bookings made till 27th of December 2018. Below you can refer to our booking samples to each of mentioned destination.


Tip.: Consider open-jaw tickets e.g. London to Ho Chi Minh City return from Phu Quoc from £310


Booking samples 

South East Asia

London – Phu Quoc from £296

London – Bangkok from £299

London – Ho Chi Minh City from £299

London – Bali from £311

London – Kota Kinabalu (Borneo) from £317

London – Phuket from £317

London – Manila from £317

London – Langkawi from £326

London – Kuala Lumpur from £331  (RJ)

London – Hanoi from £338

London – Phnom Penh from £340

London – Singapore from £348


Rome – Manila from €345

Rome – Nha Trang from €350

Rome – Ho Chi Minh City from €355

Rome – Hanoi from €359

Rome – Phnom Penh from €362

Rome – Kuala Lumpur from €362  (RJ)

Rome – Singapore from €367


Australia / New Zealand

London – Melbourne from £459

London – Perth from £474

London – Sydney from £479

London – Christchurch from £487

London – Auckland from £490


Rome – Auckland from €576

Rome – Melbourne from €602

Rome – Sydney from €612

Rome – Christchurch from €612


Travel dates with China Southern Airlines are the easiest to check directly at website of the airline. They automatically use flexible search so you can easily find the cheapest flights for your travel itinerary. Most of the flights will require two layovers on your way some of them long layover in China. China Southern Airlines offer free hotel in transit to their customers. Whether you are eligible to get this advantage while in China just check further details here. Note that at this moment EU members can get free 144h visa on arrival so this is great opportunity to visit another culture while travelling..(as long as you are connecting from an international flight to another one. Does not apply if one of your legs is a domestic flight in China).


Booking sample of this latest China Southern Airlines promotion – London / Rome to Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore or Cambodia £296/€345 or Australia / New Zealand £459/€576! In this case you would fly from the United Kingdom to tropical isle of Phu Quoc, Vietnam on 11th of May. Your return flight from South East Asia back to Europe would be on 27th of May 2019.

China Southern Airlines promotion - London / Rome to many destinations in South East Asia £296/€345 or Australia / New Zealand £459/€576!