Cheap flights to Jordan from across Europe! Aqaba winter sun from €32 return! (Oct 20 to March 21)

Cheap flights to Jordan from across Europe! Aqaba winter sun from €32 return!There are cheap flights to Aqaba in Jordan from central Europe this winter, including over Christmas! We have found flights from Geneva, Berlin, Milan and Venice. Aqaba is just 2 hours from one of the Great Wonder of the World, Petra. You will be flying with the low-cost carrier Easyjet and depending on your point of departure, flights cost as little as €32 for a round trip! All flights are available as non-stop options. All prices are for round trips, include all taxes, fees, one item of under-seat carry on luggage and unlike other budget airlines, Easyjet includes a single cabin bag overhead. Checked luggage is available for an additional fee on both airlines.


Flying from: Berlin, Geneva, Venice, Milan

Flying to: Aqaba

Airline(s): easyJet

Luggage: Hand luggage (max dims. 56 x 45 x 25 cm)

Travel period: late October 2020 to March 2021

Book by: Unknown

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Booking sample

Milan to Aqaba from €32

Venice to Aqaba from €35

Geneva to Aqaba from €43

Berlin to Aqaba from €66


Booking sample of cheap Easyjet non-stop flights from central Europe to Aqaba from €32 return! As per our booking sample, your outbound flight from Milan to Jordan would be on the 15th of November. Returning from Aqaba to Italy on the 29th of November 2020.

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