Emirates flight from Zagreb to Thailand already for €403 return!

Emirates flight from Zagreb to Thailand already for €403 return!If you do not mind to fly to Thailand out of main tourist season we have excellent solution for you based on top ranked Emirates! Based on their service you can book cheap flighs from Zagreb, Croatia to Thailand. You can book classic return as well as open-jaw flights to Bangkok or Phuket. The cheapest flights with Emirates are available already for €403 (Bangkok) or €418 (Phuket). Fare is including all taxes and fees, meals and checked luggage. Flights have one layover in Dubai on your way to Thailand. If you like to travel the country the best option would be open-jaw tickets on route Zagreb – Bangkok with return from Phuket to Europe already for €431..Simply check one of our below booking samples if interested in this solution with Emirates..



if interested in this deal please look for flights departing to Thailand from beginning of April to first half of October 2019. In case of deal to Bangkok you can also fly over Summer Holidays in July / August! Simply refer to our deals below. Emirates promotion is running till 24th of March or until sold out. Max stay in Thailand 1 month.


Booking samples

Zagreb – Bangkok from €403

Zagreb – Phuket from €418

Zagreb – Bangkok & Phuket – Zagreb from €431


See also.: Summer Holidays flights from Zagreb to beautiful Seychelles from €461! Based on promotion of either Emirates or Qatar Airways.


Travel dates.: We recommend to firstly compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights. The tool gives you almost instant result and you can easily browse throughout all the months. You can then book this deal directly with Emirates or your preferred booking agent.


Booking sample of Emirates flight from Zagreb to Thailand already for €403 return! In this case you would depart from Croatia to Bangkok on 23rd of July 2019. Return from South East Asia back to Europe via Dubai on 5th of August 2019. Deal is based on top ranked Emirates..seeing this carrier as the cheapest option is not that common so do not miss this promotion if you want to experience service of this airline for less..

Emirates flight from Zagreb to Thailand already for €403 return!

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