HUGE Etihad Airways promo sale from many European countries: Fly to South East Asia, Japan, Maldives or Seychelles in Economy from €297 or £371 or Business Class from €1097!

Etihad Airways promo sale: up to 40% discount on flights!


The newest Etihad promotion is currently running and is offering some great deals! Seems that the airline has another global sale and is offering some incredible deals from many European countries. Currently, you can book very cheap full-service and return tickets to the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Seychelles, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. This is a full-service deal including all taxes and fees and onboard meals as well as a handbag and checked-in luggage. We are currently checking if there are any other good options from Europe during this Etihad sale and will update the article if we find any…


Flying from: Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Manchester, Dublin, Zurich, Geneva, Moscow and Athens

Flying to: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangkok, Phuket, Mahé, Malé, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Tokyo

Airline(s): Etihad Airways

Luggage: 1x23kg bag

Travel period: From February to June 2022

Max stay: May vary by each destination but usually for 3 months

Book by: 15th of February


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Booking samples – You can use this Etihad promo code if you are going to book directly with the airline

London to Jakarta for £371

London to Kuala Lumpur for £372

London to Singapore for £376

London to Tokyo for £420

London to Seychelles for £415

London to the Maldives for £468


Manchester to Jakarta for £425

Manchester to Seychelles for £403


Amsterdam to Singapore for €398

Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur for €399

Amsterdam to Jakarta for €400

Amsterdam to Bangkok for €405

Amsterdam to Tokyo for €419

Amsterdam to the Maldives for €447

Amsterdam to Seychelles for €447


Athens to Bangkok for €390

Athens to Phuket for €405

Athens to Singapore for €456

Athens to Tokyo for €414

Athens to Seychelles for €397

Athens to the Maldives for €446


Barcelona / Madrid to Jakarta for €390

Barcelona / Madrid to Bangkok for €400

Barcelona / Madrid to Kuala Lumpur for €400

Barcelona / Madrid to Phuket for €448

Barcelona / Madrid to Singapore for €400

Barcelona / Madrid to Tokyo for €400

Barcelona / Madrid to Seychelles for €444

Barcelona / Madrid to the Maldives for €444


Brussels to Bangkok for €397

Brussels to Kuala Lumpur for €400

Brussels to Jakarta for €400

Brussels to Singapore for €412

Brussels to Tokyo for €403

Brussels to Seychelles for €426

Brussels to the Maldives for €445


Dublin to Bangkok for €397

Dublin to Kuala Lumpur for €371

Dublin to Tokyo for €417

Dublin to Singapore for €408

Dublin to Seychelles for €452

Dublin to the Maldives for €452


Frankfurt / Munich to Bangkok for €359

Frankfurt / Munich to Singapore for €366

Frankfurt / Munich to Kuala Lumpur for €395

Frankfurt / Munich to Phuket for €454

Frankfurt / Munich to Jakarta for €421

Frankfurt / Munich to Seychelles for €440

Frankfurt / Munich to Tokyo for €450

Frankfurt / Munich to the Maldives for €443


Geneva to Bangkok for €360

Geneva to Phuket for €387

Geneva to Jakarta for €446

Geneva to Tokyo for €432

Geneva to Seychelles for €471

Geneva to the Maldives for €471


Milan to Bangkok for €301

Milan to Kuala Lumpur for €372

Milan to Phuket for €377

Milan to Jakarta for €386

Milan to Singapore for €395

Milan to Tokyo for €400

Milan to Seychelles for €434

Milan to the Maldives for €446


Moscow to Bangkok for €356

Moscow to Kuala Lumpur for €365

Moscow to Phuket for €401

Moscow to Singapore for €361

Moscow to Tokyo for €351

Moscow to Seychelles for €359

Moscow to the Maldives for €356


Paris to Singapore for €386

Paris to Bangkok for €395

Paris to Kuala Lumpur for €400

Paris to Jakarta for €400

Paris to Tokyo for €400

Paris to Seychelles for €444

Paris to the Maldives for €448


Rome to Bangkok for €301

Rome to Kuala Lumpur for €353

Rome to Tokyo for €400

Rome to Singapore for €404

Rome to Jakarta for €414

Rome to Seychelles for €426


Vienna to Kuala Lumpur for €382

Vienna to Jakarta for €415

Vienna to Seychelles for €420

Vienna to Bangkok for €418

Vienna to the Maldives for €484


Zurich to Bangkok for €366

Zurich to Kuala Lumpur for €426

Zurich to Phuket for €436

Zurich to Jakarta for €422

Zurich to Tokyo for €435

Zurich to Seychelles for €522

Zurich to the Maldives for €493



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Booking sample of Etihad Airways promo sale: up to 40% discount on flights! In this case, you would fly from Rome to Bangkok on the 9th of May. Your return flight from Thailand via the United Arab Emirates back to Europe would be on the 24th of May 2022.

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