Flydubai promotion code 2021 – 10% discount all flights!

Flydubai promotion code 2018 - 5% discount all flights!

UAE government-owned low-cost carrier Flydubai with its HQ in Dubai International Airport has released a new attractive promotion offer in 2021. If you are planning to use the service of this carrier you can now easily save an additional 10% of all flights and all destinations. Discount applies to Economy as well as Business class tickets. Simply enter below the Flydubai promo code 2021 and proceed to the next step. Your flight will be automatically discounted. Note that the voucher works off a base fare and does not discount any additional service. Flydubai is offering its service from Europan cities such as Helsinki, Vienna, Prague. Bratislava, Sofia, Bucharest, Catania, Skopje. Sarajevo or Krakov to destinations in the Middle East, Asia or Africa via the main hub in Dubai.



Flydubai promo code is available till the 18th of January. Discount is valid for all flights to all destinations in the travel period till the 31st of July 2021. There is no further restriction of this Flydubai promotion code so you can enjoy this special offer also during peak season over summer holidays or Christmas. Note that this promo deal is available only when making an online booking directly with the airline. You need to manually search for the routing you like. Currently, plenty of travel options are available in said travel period…



Booking sample of this latest Flydubai promotion code 2021 – 10% discount all flights! In this case you would fly from Serbia to Nepal on the 3rd of June. Your return flight from Asia back to Europe would be then on the 16th of June 2021. You would easily save €23 off standard fare just by joining their OPEN program.

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