Interrail promotion: get a 15% discount on Rail Pass!


If you like to travel across Europe by train we have some great news! Simply use the following Interrail Global or One Country Pass discount and save 15% off the regular price! This is an easy way to save some decent money and travel on unlimited trains The pass allows unlimited rail travel in all 33 participating countries of the European Union for a certain period of time. High-speed trains and night trains often require a paid seat reservation. Take advantage of this offer and use this Interrail promo code to save! This includes trains in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and more…


Firstly note that Interrail Pass is available only for EU residents. If you are not you can use Eurail. The discount is available for Interrail Global Pass as well as Interrail One Country Pass. Simply follow the above link to the discount and choose one of the options.


Interrail Global Pass.: Works on all 40.000 international routes across Europe e.g. Paris to Amsterdam. Can not use this on trains that start and end its journey in one country. Only European residents can travel with an Interrail Pass. If you’re a non-European resident, you can travel with a Eurail Pass.


Interrail One Country Pass.: Choose this one if you want to explore a certain country. Works on all trains in one country you select. Every European country has its own regulations for this promotion. If you choose this Interrail Pass simply click on the country you want to travel in and read all conditions and regulations of this promotion.



Note that both Iterrail promotions are available only if you purchase your pass by the 5th of March for travel up to 6 months in advance.  However note that when you order your Interrail Pass, you’ll need to enter the date when you want to start traveling with your pass. You can hop on and off most trains as you please or book additional seat reservations at special rates to travel on high-speed and night trains.


Few more things you should know before you book a discounted Interrail Pass

Train reservations are required on most high-speed trains and all-night trains, and can often be booked up to 2 months in advance. The Interrail Premium Pass includes free reservations. For all other Interrail Passes, additional reservation fees are not included.


If you have an Interrail Global Pass, you can travel on one travel day to leave your country of residence (outbound) and on one travel day to return (inbound). You can use these journeys in your country on travel days at any point in your Pass validity. Read more about travel in your own country.

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