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Return flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €358! (From Prague, Italy or Switzerland from €531)

Return flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €423!Looking for uncomon destination in Africa to explore have a look on our solution to Sao Tome & Principe, one of the least visited countries in the World.. Return tickets from Portugal (Lisbon, Porto or Faro) are now available already for €358. Note that base fare does not include checked bag. This deal is based on Star Alliance member TAP Portugal and (in some cases) their partner TAAG Angolian AIrlines. There is one short stop in Ghana or Angola on your way. This country consists of two main isles of volcanic origin. Citizens of the European Union can enter this country without visa requirements. (up to 15 days).



You can compare travel dates here. Look for limited options between May and June or September and December 2019. Note that November is the wettest month so check what is the weather like before you book this deal. If interested you can refer to our booking samples below. Both cities are easy to reach and as the regular fare from other European countries are significantly higher this is great option for almost anyone looking for a budget solution to this destination..


Booking samples

Lisbon – Sao Tome & Principe from €358

Faro – Sao Tome & Principe from €374

Porto – Sao Tome & Principe from €374


Prague – Sao Tome & Principe from €531

Venice – Sao Tome & Principe from €544

Milan – Sao Tome & Principe from €547

Rome – Sao Tome & Principe from €551

Geneva – Sao Tome & Principe from €574

Zurich – Sao Tome & Principe from €581


Some of the flights may require long layover in Lisbon on your way to Africa. You can book your hotel room in Sao Tome & Principe in advance via Booking.com or Hotels.com.


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €358! In this case you would depart from Lisbon to this exotic destination on 22nd of October. Your return flight from this African isle back to Europe would be then on 5th of November 2019.

Return flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €358!