5*star flights to Australia! Singapore Airlines flights to 7 Aussie cities from £556 return! (Sep 20 – Mar 21)

5*star flights to Australia! Singapore Airlines flights to 6 Aussie cities from £580 return!The 5-star rated airline Singapore Airlines are currently offering a range of cheap flights to cities across Australia for low prices! When you depart from London or Manchester, you will be able to fly to the destinations of Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Gold Coast with prices as low as £556 for a return journey. Singapore Airlines flights all have a minimum of 30kg checked luggage included in their fare so you can travel with everything you need. The deal to Tasmania that we shared last month is also still valid as another option for you. All prices are inclusive of fees and taxes, in-flight entertainment and meals, hand luggage, and 30kg checked luggage.


If you are interested in flying to Australia, you will find the cheapest flights with Singapore Airlines departing London from September 2020 until March 2021. Max stay of 6 months. Tickets are available until 30th April 2020, or until sold out. Below you can refer to our booking samples you can easily compare all the cheapest flights on the website of the airline.


Booking samples

UK – Australia from £617  (Book with Singapore Airlines. Travel sample 2nd to 16th of November from Manchester to Brisbane)

London to Brisbane from £580

London to Adelaide from £605

London to Melbourne from £600

London to Sydney from £613

London to Darwin from £648

London to Perth from £663  (or with Cathay Pacific from £645)

London to Gold Coast from £685


Manchester to Brisbane from £556

Manchester to Melbourne from £576

Manchester to Sydney from £589

Manchester to Adelaide from £599

Manchester to Perth from £638

Manchester to Gold Coast from £668


Booking sample of 5* Singapore Airlines flights from London to Australia from £556! Outbound from Manchester to Brisbane on the 25th of January. Return from Australia back to the United Kingdom on the 14th of February 2021.5*star flights to Australia! Singapore Airlines flights to 6 Aussie cities from £556 return!

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