SkyTeam flights from the UK to Madagascar from £511 return!

Return flights from the UK to exotic Madagascar from £522!


Madagascar is indeed one of the dream destinations of many travelers. Unfortunately, also due to low competition the price of a ticket to Antananarivo is very high from most European cities. Therefore any offer for a reasonable price is always welcomed. This time based on the Kenya Airways (with the help of Air France KLM) promotion we are allowed to book cheap flights between the UK and Antananarivo, the capital and the largest city of Madagascar. Limited travel options are currently available from £511. This is for a roundtrip incl. all taxes, meals, and one 23kg checked bag.


Legendary Madagascar, 4th largest island on the Earth, with its pristine beaches, unique fauna, and flora, the enthralling landscape still yet with many spots untouched by classic tourism makes this island, located in the Indian Ocean (East of African coast), a dream destination to the vast majority of tourists seeking for exotic holidays. The only blemish is no offer of cheap flights from Europe…It is hard to say which season is the best for visiting Madagascar. Every year’s period has its own advantages and disadvantages. Madagascar is however one of the destinations that will surely offer an extensive experience whenever you will arrive there. (however from January till March it’s commonly not recommended to go there due to possible cyclones).


Flying from: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow

Flying to: Antananarivo

Airline(s): Kenya Airways, Air France-KLM

Luggage: 1x23kg bag

Outbound travel dates: November 2023 and the second half of January to March 2024

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: 3rd of


Booking samples

Birmingham to Antananarivo for £511

Manchester to Antananarivo for £513

London to Antananarivo for £515

Newcastle to Antananarivo for £540

Edinburgh to Antananarivo for £540

Glasgow to Antananarivo for £540

UK to Comoros from £462

London to Mauritius from £497


The fastest way to check a connection flight between the UK and your hometown is through Skyscanner. As London is one of the major European hubs this is an interesting solution to most travelers within Europe looking for a reasonable solution to this exotic destination. To book your hotel room in Madagascar we recommend the service of or


Booking sample of cheap Air France roundtrip flights to exotic Madagascar from the UK for £511! In this case, you would be departing from Birmingham to Antananarivo on the 5th of March. Your return flight from this amazing African Isle back to the UK will take place on the 18th of March 2024.

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