Cheap flights from Budapest to Chicago for only €259 return! Flightds to New York also possible! (Aug or Oct 20 to Feb 21)

Cheap flights from Budapest to Chicago for only €293 return!Here is an interesting option for travellers in Hungary and surrounding areas to fly out to Chicago. This flexible TAP Air Portugal deal allows cheap flights departing Budapest to this major city in the United States for as little as €259 return! If you were to book through the airline, you can enjoy some days in Lisbon or Porto on your journey to/from the USA too! This turns the deal into a varied multi-city offer with trips to Western Europe and America in one load of traveling. This is an optional addition to the ticket; if you’d like to get straight to this destination on the shores of Lake Michigan for your deep-dish pizza, you can. All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an extra fee.

If you are interested in these cheap flights with TAP Air Portugal you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Budapest to Chicago in August or October 2020 to February 2021. There is no information regarding minimum/maximum stay durations, but any layover in Lisbon cannot exceed 5 days. You will need an ESTA to travel to the United States which allows you to stay for a maximum of 3 months.

This TAP Air Portugal promo sale does not specify an end date so if you are interested, we recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can book this deal directly with TAP Air Portugal, or when you have your dates, head over to your preferred travel agent to find the cheapest flights.


Booking sample

Budapest to Chicago from €296 (booking with TAP Air Portugal)

Budapest to Chicago from €259

Budapest to New York from €259


Other cheap dates:

23.08. – 07.09.

30.08. – 14.09.

03.10. – 17.10.

09.10. – 23.10.

20.10. – 02.11.

03.11. – 14.11.

19.11. – 29.11.

21.11. – 05.12.

03.12. – 16.12.

09.01. – 16.01.

23.01. – 06.02.

30.01. – 10.02.

06.02. – 20.02.

Plenty of other dates are available! Make use of the calendar options on your flight search engine to find the best dates for you. You can alter these examples as desired to have a stay in Porto or Lisbon on your journey. These simply sample dates for reference.


Booking sample of cheap flights from Budapest to Chicago from €259! As per our booking your outbound flight from Hungary to the USA would be on the 23rd of August 2020, returning from Illinois on the 5th of September 2020.

Cheap flights from Budapest to Chicago for only €293 return!

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