Non-stop flights to Bangkok from Milan from €634 with 20kg luggage.

*Non-stop* flights from , Milan, Italy to Bangkok from €381 with 20kg luggage!


There are some good non-stop prices from Italy to Bangkok on board these Thai Airways flights available now! We have spotted this deal from Milan with prices starting from  €634 for a return ticket! You will be able to travel directly to Thailand in approx 11hrs and you’ll be doing so with up to 20kg of luggage included in your fare too! This concrete jungle is the most visited city in the world so expect something for everyone here. Also, consider flying to the Thai coast or islands on the many cheap domestic flights available from the capital city. All prices include taxes, fees, in-flight entertainment, meals, hand luggage, and 20kg checked luggage. Check with the calendar and date features on your booking website to find the best dates for you.


Flying from: Milan Malpensa

Flying to: Bangkok

Airline(s): Thai Airways

Luggage: up to 20kg of checked luggage

Outbound travel dates: September to November 2024

Max stay: 2 months

Book by: unknown


Booking sample 

Milan to Bangkok non-stop for €634


Booking sample of cheap non-stop and full-service Thai Airways flights to Thailand from €634! As per our booking sample, you will depart from Milan to Bangkok on the 5th of September. An inbound flight from South East Asia to Europe will be on the 12th of September 2024.

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