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Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2016 – flights from €274!

Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2016 - flights from €261!Qatar Airways, one of few 5-star airlines by Skytrax and airline of the year 2015, have just launched new global sale promotion in 2016. Enjoy luxurious service for an affordable fares! Although this is global sale ex most of European origins, We have managed to find the most attractive fares are available when departing from GermanyScandinavia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, France, Spain or Italy. You may consider to book promotional deals to destinations such as India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Maldives, Seychelles, South Africa and more..!



Qatair Airways are connecting most of major European markets with over 150 worldwide destination via their hub in Doha, Qatar. Validity of this latest Qatar Airways global sale promotion vary by origin but in general valid till 5th of September 2016. Travel dates between 15th of September 2016 and 30th of June 2017. Blackout period around Christmas and Easter holidays. Min stay 4 days. Qatar Airways promotional fare offers Max stay 1 month. (but also depends on bookiing class). Look for flights to destinations in Africa, Asia or Australia..


Complete list of discounted flights based on this Qatar Airways sale promotion: just follow directly to website of the airline. Simply choose your origin country to see available fares. Some booking suggestions below but booking is also available directly with Qatar Airways.



Booking samples

 Use this 10% discount code (off base fare) when booking directly with the carrier


UK  –  Complete list of discounted flights here


UK – Sri Lanka from £305

UK – Vietnam from £319

UK – Goa from £324

UK – Phuket from £349

UK – Krabi from £455

UK – Sydney from £514



Germany   Complete list of discounted flights here


Berlin – Singapore from €365

Germany – Sri Lanka from €366

Germany – Bangkok from €384

Germany – Krabi from €389  (4 travellers)

Germany – Phuket from €385

Germany – Kuala Lumpur from €395

Germany – Namibia from €401

Berlin – Jakarta from €409  (3 travellers)

Germany – Johannesburg from €414

Germany – Bali from €485



Netherlands / Belgium   Complete list of discounted flights here

Price is valid as long as booking your ticket for 3 travellers otherwise slightly more expensive

Amsterdam – Dubai from €243

Amsterdam – Tanzania from €339

Amsterdam – Bangkok from €400

Amsterdam – Ho Chi Minh City from €422

Amsterdam – Cape Town from €426

Amsterdam – Zanzibar from €440

Brussels – Tanzania from €329

Brussels – Bangkok from €456

Brussels – Jakarta from €494

Brussels – Bali from €530



Italy  –  Complete list of discounted flights here 


Italy – Tanzania from €343

Italy – Krabi from €379

Italy – Myanmar from €382

Italy – Bangkok from €412  (min. 3 travellers)

Italy – Mozambique from €470

Italy – Phuket from €480  (3 travellers)



Switzerland  –  Complete list of discounte flights here


Switzerland – Beijing from €324

Switzerland – Durban from €447

Switzerland – Sydney from €562



Finland / Norway / Sweden / Denmark  –  Complete list of discounted flights here


Stockholm – Dubai from €172

Oslo – New Delhi from €274

Stockholm – New Delhi from €289  (3 travellers)

Helsinki – Kenya from €361  (3 travellers)

Helsinki – Jakarta from €375  (3 travellers)

Helsinki – Bali from €451  (3 travellers)


Travel dates. of this Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2016.: Are the easiest to check directly with the carrier.. They are offering 3 weeks view so you can easily find the lowest deal available.. Also those of you booking these Qatar Airways flight deals directly with the ailine may consider to use this currently valid Qatar Airways promotion code 2016.


Booking samples of this latest Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2016 – flights from €274! In this case you would be departing from Oslo to New Delhi on 28th of November 2016. Your return flight from India back to Europe would take place on 18th of Decembrer 2016. Enjoy discounted flights with this latest Qatar Airways promotional sale…

Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2016 - flights from €274!