Mar 16

Thai Airways promotion: Non-stop to Bangkok from Scandinavia €363, Germany €454!

Thai Airways promotion: Non-stop from Italy to Bangkok €403 or to Laos €471!*see UPDATE below* Thai Airways, a Star Alliance member and one of top ranked airlines in Economy Class, are running new sale from Europe to various destinations in their scope. This time travellers in Sweden have some great option to fly non-stop to Bangkok for very attractive fare. Roundtrip tickets are now available from €370 when departing from Stockholm. We are also adding some great option to Krabi, famous beachside in Southern Thailand and solution to backpacker´s Mecca, Chiang Mai. You can also fly to Laos (Vientiane) with just one layover in Bangkok already for €413 or more destinations in South East Asia. (Such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines or Indonesia).



*UPDATE*.: Adding even slightly cheaper option from Denmark and Norway to various destinations in Thailand as well as SE Asia. You can now fly non-stop from Scandinavia to Bangkok for €363 or book roudtrip flights to Bali already for €391!


This Thai Airways sale is valid for flights departing from Europe from 18th of April till 20th of June then from 10th of August till 31st of October 2017. Max stay 1 month. Below you can refer to our booking samples to each of the destinations in South East Asia or Australia. You can easily compare all available travel dates directly at the website of Thai Airways.


Booking samples

Copenhagen – Bangkok from €363  (Non-stop flight)

Oslo – Bangkok from €368  (Non-stop flight)

Stockholm – Bangkok from €370  (Non-stop flight)

Munich – Bangkok from €457  (Non-stop flight)

Frankfurt – Bangkok from €471  (Non-stop flight)

Zurich – Bangkok from €496  (Non-stop flight)


Scandinavia – Phuket from €376

Scandinavia – Krabi from €378

Scandinavia – Chiang Mai from €386

Scandinavia – Bali from €391

Scandinavia – Laos from €413

Scandinavia – Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi) from €419

Scandinavia – Cambodia from €422

Scandinavia – Myanmar from €423

Scandinavia – Philippines from €428


Booking sample of this current Thai Airways promotion: Non-stop to Bangkok from Scandinavia €363, Germany €454! In this case you would fly from Copenhagen to Thailand on 14th of May. Your return flight from South East Asia to Europe would be then on 29th of May 2017. Considering this is a direct service from Europe to Bangkok in main tourist season this is an awesome deal for anyone who can easily reach Stockholm..

Thai Airways promotion: Non-stop to Bangkok from Scandinavia €363, Germany €454!