Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €332 with Reykjavik stopover possible!

Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €332 with Reykjavik stopover possible!Icelandair currently has a cheap deal for flights leaving Amsterdam to Vancouver with an optional Reykjavik break in between. You can fly to Canada for €332 for a return ticket. These flights have a layover in Reykjavik both outbound and inbound. Icelandair offers a free layover (max 78h) for travellers who have flights that pass through Iceland. This means you can optionally spend some time visiting Reykjavik on your way. All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an extra fee. This deal expires very soon so if you are interested in this price you need to book quickly



Icelandair promotion conditions

If interested in this discount deal with Icelandair you will find the cheapest flights departing from Amsterdam to Vancouver in January to March 2020. Min stay – inbound on first Sunday the earliest. Max stay 12 months. No bag in the hold in base fare. Fare class is the P. Icelandair promo sale is running till 23:59 on the 3rd of December or until sold out.


How to book

We recommend you first compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights (Guide). The tool gives you an almost instant result and you can easily browse through all the months. You can then book this deal directly with Icelandair or when you have your dates, head over to Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. Our Skyscanner Ultimate Guide will help you find the cheapest possible prices for you!

We’ve seen that to benefit from the Reykjavik stopover you need to book directly with the airline rather than through Skyscanner, however.


Booking sample

Amsterdam – Vancouver for €332

Amsterdam – Vancouver – Iceland – Amsterdam for €388



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Booking sample of cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €332! As per our booking, your outbound flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Vancouver International Airport would be on the 16th of January returning on the 29th of January 2020.

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