Cheap flights from Vienna to (South East) Asia from €322 return!

Cheap flights from Vienna to (South East) Asia from €324 return!Air China (Star Alliance) is running a promotional sales on another European market! This time travelers in Austria that are looking for the cheapest flights available may consider discounted flights between Vienna and selected destinations in (South East) Asia. The most interesting deals seem to be available to Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi, Seoul, Tokyo or Osaka. The cheapest roundtrip flights are starting at just €322 incl. all taxes, meals and checked luggage…Some of the flights may require longer layover in Beijing on the way. Consider free hotel during layover you might be eligible for…Further details here.



Air China promo sale is valid from October 2019 to the end of March 2020.  Fare class with Air China is “L“. Min. stay 7 days. Max stay for 3 months. Air China discount is valid for bookings made by the end of October or until the cheapest seat last…You can then book this deal directly with Air China where you can compare all travel dates then book with your preferred booking agent. If interested in this offer you can refer to our booking samples below.


Booking samples

Vienna – Taipei from €322

Vienna – Hong Kong from €336

Vienna – Bangkok from €358

Vienna – Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) from €362

Vienna – Vietnam (Hanoi) from €362

Vienna – Singapore from €375

Vienna – Seoul from €383

Vienna – Tokyo from €392

Vienna – Osaka from €396


You can book your accommodation in South East Asia at or


Booking sample of cheap flights from Vienna to (South East) Asia from €322 return! In this case, you would depart from Austria to Taipei on the 3rd of March 2020. Inbound from Taiwan back to Vienna on the 2nd of April 2020.

Cheap flights from Vienna to (South East) Asia from €322 return!

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