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Cheap return flights from Switzerland to Kuwait for €186!

Bargain flights from Salzburg to Skopje or Vienna to Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia for €19.98 return!

First minute! Cheap flights to Buenos Aires for just €615 from Vienna!

Airport Guide: Copenhagen

BUSINESS CLASS Etihad flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka from Europe from €1418!

Lufthansa flights to Penang, Malaysia from Dublin, Switzerland or France from €478!

Lufthansa flights to Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos) from Vienna for €439!

Non-stop return flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Calgary for €531!

Cheap flights to Manila, Philippines from Paris, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam from €513!

British Airways A380 flights to Singapore from many cities in Europe from €462!

Aer Lingus flights to Chicago from Germany for €324!

Lufthansa flights from Vienna to Lagos, Nigeria for €440!

Return flights to Senegal from many European cities with Iberia for €310!

*SUMMER HOLIDAYS* Business Class Etihad flights to Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok) from Lisbon or Italy for €1760!

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