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Cheap flights to Madeira from across Europe from €74 or £70!

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Volotea promotion sale 2021 – flights from €1 one way! (Members of Megavolotea otherwise from €14 for Anyone)

Cheap return flights from Switzerland, Germany or Vienna to the Bahamas from €412!

Full-service return flights from Geneva to Windhoek, Namibia for €440!

Return flights from Germany, Switzerland or Vienna to Trinidad & Tobago from €404!

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Etihad flights from Zurich to Jakarta, Indonesia for €406 return!

Full-service flights from Germany, Switzerland or Vienna to the Grand Cayman Islands from €396!

Fly from Germany, Switzerland or Vienna to tropical Turks & Caicos from €410 roundtrip!

Super cheap return flights from Europe to Shanghai, China from €199 or £279!

Austrian Airlines cheap non-stop flights Vienna to Bangkok for €425!

Cheap Etihad return flights from Vienna to tropical Seychelles for €422!

Air France-KLM flights from Vienna to Seoul, South Korea from €383!

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