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Lufthansa flights from Norway to Seattle for €326 return!

Lufthansa/Swiss return flights from Scandinavia to New Delhi, India from €361!

Lufthansa Group flights from Scandinavia to Beijing or Shanghai, China from €333!

Non-stop SAS flights from Copenhagen to Toronto, Canada for €268!

Lufthansa/Eurowings flights from Finland to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for €427! (+ deal from Denmark/Norway from €556)

Full-service flights from Copenhagen to Sri Lanka with Etihad for €527!

Lufthansa/Eurowings flights from Denmark or Norway to Mombasa, Kenya from €391!

Lufthansa Group flights from Denmark to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for €314!

Low-cost return flights from Copenhagen to the USA (New York, Boston, Baltimore/Washington or Toronto) from €217!

5* Qatar Airways return flights from Scandinavia to Windhoek, Namibia from €531!

Full-service Etihad flights from Copenhagen to Manila for €532!

Return flights from Copenhagen to Johannesburg, South Africa for €327!

British Airways flights from Denmark to Denver for €354 return!

Non-stop return flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to New York for €288!

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