Qatar Airways global promo sale – List of discounted Economy and Business Class flights!

Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2017 - flights from €174!

Qatar Airways promo sale promotion – List of discounted flights! Qatar Airways, one of few 5-star airlines by Skytrax and airline of the year 2015, 2017 and 2019, has just launched new global sale promotion in 2021. Enjoy luxurious service for affordable fares! Although this is global sales ex most of European origins, We have managed to find the most attractive fares are available when departing from GermanyScandinavia, Serbia, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, France, Spain or Italy. You may consider booking promotional deals to destinations such as India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Maldives, Seychelles, South Africa and more..! Below you will find general list of discounted flights also adding some of the most interesting deals. For instance, you can book return flights from Amsterdam to Singapore or Nepal from €427. Brussels to Zanzibar €447, Sofia or Madrid to Malaysia (Penang or Langkawi) from €396, Seychelles from €430 United Kingdom to Australia from £617  and more…Return flights are incl. all taxes, onboard meals and checked bag up to 30kg. Moreover, we are adding a great list of Qatar Airways discounted Business Class flights starting from just €1030 roundtrip.



Qatar Airways are connecting most of the major European markets with over 160 worldwide destinations via their hub in Doha, Qatar. Validity of this latest Qatar Airways global sale promotion varies by origin but in general valid until the 15th of March 2021. Travel dates then between now and 10th of December 2021 or January to 31st of March 2022. Blackout 18th until 31st of December. Min stay 4 days. Qatar Airways promotional fare offers Max stay 2 months. But also depends on your booking class. Look for flights to destinations in Africa, Asia or Australia…



Complete list of Qatar Airways discounted deals


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List of deals from the UK

List of deals from Ireland

List of deals from Belgium

List of deals from Germany

List of deals from The Netherlands

List of deals from Italy

List of deals from France

List of deals from Russia

List of deals from Spain

List of deals from Austria

List of deals from Switzerland

List of deals from Turkey

List of deals from Poland


List of deals from Qatar

List of deals from Australia

List of deals from Canada

List of deals from China

List of deals from India

List of deals from USA


Booking samples

Economy Class

Amsterdam – Singapore from €427

Amsterdam – Nepal from €428

Brussels – Zanzibar from €447


Cardiff – Phuket from £433

Edinburgh – Perth from £617

London – Perth from £620

Cardiff – Sydney from £624

London – Auckland from £650

Manchester – Auckland from £660


Milan – Chiang Mai, Thailand from €419

Nice – Tokyo, Japan from €420

Madrid – Langkawi, Malaysia from €428

Paris – Colombo, Sri Lanka from €440

Madrid – Penang from €444

Venice – Mahé, Seychelles from €475


Sofia – Penang from €396

Sofia -Langkawi from €411

Sofia – Sri Lanka from €431

Sofia – Zanzibar from €436

Sofia – Seychelles from €440

Sarajevo – Bangkok from €440

Belgrade – Seychelles from €492

Sarajevo – Seychelles from €498


Warsaw – Bangkok from €426

Warsaw – Phuket from €428

Warsaw – Krabi from €432

Warsaw – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from €434

Budapest – Seychelles from €516


Oslo – Zanzibar from €437

Helsinki – Maldives from €437


Business Class  (List of Qsuite routes)

Bucharest – Sri Lanka from €1030

Belgrade – Hong Kong from €1136

Sarajevo – Beijing, China from €1276

Oslo – Cape Town, South Africa from €1390

Madrid – Hangzhou, China from €1423

Vienna – Windhoek, Namibia from €1460

Munich – Doha, Qatar from €1464  (Non-stop flight)

Amsterdam – Bali, Indonesia from €1478

Oslo – Bali from €1488

Amsterdam – Jakarta from €1561

Amsterdam – Singapore from €1567

Berlin – Cape Town from €1599

Berlin – Windhoek from €1633

Amsterdam – Ho Chi Minh City from €1646

Paris – Krabi, Thailand from €1665

Brussels – Windhoek from €1677

Brussels – Zanzibar from €1738

Germany – Penang, Malaysia from €1763

Germany – Langkawi, Malaysia from €1801


Travel dates. of this Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2021.: Are the easiest to check directly with the carrier.. They are offering 3 weeks view so you can easily find the lowest deal available.. Also those of you booking these Qatar Airways flight deals directly with the ailine may consider to use this currently valid Qatar Airways promo code 2020.


Complete list of discounted flights based on this Qatar Airways sale promotion: just follow directly to website of the airline. Simply choose your origin country to see available fares. Some booking suggestions above but booking is also available directly with Qatar Airways.


Booking samples of this latest Qatar Airways global sale promotion 2021 offering up to 40% discount! In this case you would be departing from Sofia to Penang, Malaysia on 18th of January. Your return flight from this exotic holiday destination in South East Asia back to Europe would take place on 1st of February 2022. Enjoy discounted flights with this latest Qatar Airways promotional sale…

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