Travelocity promo code: Save 10% on selected hotels!

Travelocity promo code: Save 13% on selected hotels!Travelocity promo code: Save 10% on selected hotels! Travelocity is an online travel agent owned by Expedia Group. If you are planning to use their service you can now easily get up to 10% discount off accommodation when taking advantage of this hotel room sale promotion. The company is in the travel business since 1995 and offering its service for customers seeking cheap flights. accommodation, car rentals, cruises as well as holiday packages and activities. Travelocity promo code works only till tomorrow so hurry up if interested in this offer…
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5* Qatar Airways flights from Amsterdam to Botswana for €430 return! (Nov 20 to Apr 21)

5* Qatar Airways flights from Amsterdam to Botswana for €444 return!One more deal from Europe to Botswana, rare destination in Africa in our scope as the flights are usually significantly more expensive. Again based on 5* Qatar Airways promo sale you can book discounted flights from Amsterdam to Gaborone, Botswana from €430! This is for a roundtrip including taxes, fees, the handbag also with up to 30kg of checked luggage allowance. Note that from November it is the beginning of the rainy season which is still a great time to visit this part of Africa. Flights have one layover in Doha, Qatar and an additional stop in Johannesburg, South Africa in both directions. Continue reading

Cheap flights from Europe to Conakry, Guinea from €190 or £290 roundtrip! (Sep 20 to Mar 21)

Cheap flights from Europe to Conakry, Guinea from €190 or £283 roundtrip!Real adventurers and experienced globetrotters have an awesome opportunity for some real African adventure thanks to this promotion of Star Alliance carrier TAP Air Portugal! Very cheap return flights from many European cities and countries can be had to Conakry, the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. You will find the cheapest flights when departing from the main airports in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany. Portugal or Brussels, Luxembourg, and Vienna. The cheapest return flights to this African country are available from just €190 or £290! Fare is including all taxes and fees, handbags, and onboard meals. Checked luggage for an extra fee.

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The Stopover vs The Layover

The Stopover vs The Layover

When you are looking for cheap flights, you will often find that the best deals are not direct journeys. Although you can find non-stop flights for bargain prices, many of the lowest prices available involve stopping en route to your final destination. You will find the terms ‘layover’ or ‘stopover’ frequently used. Stopover vs Layover. The two may sound the same, but there are differences between them. You can enjoy a very different type of travelling experience if you know how. Continue reading

Cheap flights between London and Palma, Mallorca from only £20! (late Aug to Oct 2020)

Bargain London flights to Venice from £19.98 return. Works Venice to London too!Flights are available between London and Palma in Mallorca from just £20 for a round trip. These are with the €9.99/£9.99 routes available with Ryanair. You will be flying from/to London Southend Airport for this trip. As with all Ryanair flights you are able to upgrade from the standard fare if you would like overhead and checked baggage or seat reservations. These are completely optional though so you can fly with just a small cabin bag on your trip to the Mediterranean island. Alternatively, Spanish travelers could enjoy a designer shopping spree in London and store their haul in a checked bag for the return trip only! Prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of all taxes, fees, and one item of under-seat carry on luggage. Checked luggage and overhead luggage is available for an additional fee.

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Return flights from many cities in Germany to Bogotá, Colombia from €406! (Sep 20 to Mar 21)

Return flights from many cities in Germany to Bogotá, Colombia from €449!Last week we informed you about and interesting deal from Italy to Colombia based on the promotion of Air France-KLM. These SkyTeam airlines offer another competitive solution from Europe on route Germany to Bogotá. Look for flights departing from Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf. Return flights are available from €406 incl. taxes, meals and handbag. There is no checked luggage included thought and if you need on you would have to purchase it for an extra fee… Continue reading

Cheap flights from Barcelona to Washington from €173! Multi-city option in Portugal from €190…(Sep 20 to Apr 21)

Cheap flights from Barcelona to Washington from €173!Another interesting deal from Spain to the USA with TAP Portugal (Star Alliance) this time you may consider discounted flights from Barcelona to Washington D.C:! The cheapest flights on this route from €173 incl. taxes, meals, and handbags. Checked luggage for an additional fee. Note that the cheapest flights may require long/overnight layover in Lisbon on the way. Hence we suggest you better book a multi-city ticket available for just a few € more and spend a day or two in Lisbon before you depart to the United States of America. Continue reading

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